Shelbyville Daily Union

October 4, 2013

Ladies Night At SHC

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — It was ladies night at Shelbyville Horseshoe Club on Thursday, as the top two pitchers were women. Patty Doty won her second straight weekly tourney at SHC and Dorothy Hack finished a close 2nd on points.

Doty defeated Class A and Class B pitchers last week, going 6-1 and losing her one match by just five points. This week, She went 5-2 and lost one of those matches, again, by five points and the other by nine.

Hack had the lead through the first five rounds. She won the first three rounds, took a 25-21 loss, then won round 5. Doty won four of the first five rounds and lost 25-16 in round 2. That gave Hack a 5-point advantage.

In round 6, Doty and Roy Franklin beat Hack and John Stevens, 25-3. That tipped the scales. Doty went into the final round, leading 5-1, 16 points to Hack's 4-2, 24 points.

In the final round, Doty and John Stevens lost to Hack and Franklin, 25-20. Doty and Hack were both 5-2. The 20 points Doty scored in the final gave her the edge.

The only man to finish in the money on Thursday was Rich Galvin, last week's runner-up. Galvin and two other pitchers went 4-3. Galvin had 53 points in losses for 3rd place. Lloyd Ruff had 39 points in losses and was 4th. Lloyd Allen had 35 points in losses and finished 5th.

SHC 10/3

1. Patty Doty, 5-2, 36 points; 2. Dorothy Hack 5-2, 24 points; 3. Rich Galvin, 4-3, 53 points; 4. Lloyd Ruff, 4-3, 39 points; 5. Lloyd Allen 4-3, 35 points; 6. Roy Franklin, 3-4, 65 points; 7. Jon Galvin 2-5, 72 points; 8. John Stevens 1-6, 96 points.