Shelbyville Daily Union

June 20, 2014

Spurs Pleasure Horses On Display

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville TMC

---- — Pleasure Horses from all over Shelby County and beyond were on display at the Silver Spurs Open Performance Horse Show last Saturday.

This pleasure show, sponsored by the Shelby County 4-H Silver Spurs Club, had Halter, Showmanship, English, Western and Gaited classes. Points were accumulated from the placings of the classes. At the end of the show, the exhibitor with the most points received an engraved belt buckle by age division and gaited division. The second place winner received an embroidered halter. Danielle Hunt from Dani’s Dazzling Designs sponsored the engraving on the buckle. Many Silver Spurs 4-H members attended the show along with other exhibitors from Central Illinois.

Exhibitors came from Humboldt, Stewardson, Pana, Tower Hill, Havana, Shelbyville, Dieterich, Beecher City, Rantoul, Macon, Bethany, Decatur, and Lincoln.

The High Point Champions and Reserve Champions in three of the four divisions were decided by the narrowest of margins in most classes. Winners weren’t decided until the final class of the day which was Western Horsemanship.

In the 13 & Under Division, one point separated the High Point and Reserve Champions. Rachel Higgs riding Dream on Nita, scored 24 points to take the High Point Buckle, while Layne Lebshier, riding Odds R Im Good, scored 23 points for Reserve Champ.

Higgs won two classes and Layne Lebshier one. Higgs won Country Pleasure and the final class, Western Horsemanship, tipping the scale in her favor. Lebshier won Showmanship and placed high enough in the other classes to earn Reserve Champ. Lebshier also won a non-point class, Junior Horse (5 & Under) Hallie Horsman won three classes, but finished just out of the money. Horsman won English Pleasure and Englis Equitation, as well as Western Pleasure.

In the 14-18 Age Division, one point again separated the High Point and Reserve Champions. Jessica Robinson riding Same Ole Jazz Story scored 27 points to take the High Point Buckle, while Corrin Hunt riding Indeed an Asset scored 26 points to be Reserve Champ.

Robinson and Hunt both won three classes in the 14-18 Division. Robinson won English Equitation, Western Pleasure, and the final class, Western Horsemanship to nip Hunt for the High Point Buckle. Hunt won Showmanship, English Pleasure, and Country Pleasure. The two swept every pointed class.

In the 19 & Older Division, it was unanimous. One point separated the High Point and Reserve Champions. Andrew Mathis riding Tramp Time Trouble scored 26 points to take the High Point Buckle, while John Nation riding GoodNSonny Gunner scored 25 points to be Reserve Champ.

Mathis and Nation also swept every pointed class in their division. Mathis won three classes and Nation three. Mathis won Showmanship, English Pleasure, and English Equitation. Nation won Country Pleasure, Western Pleasure, and the final event Western Horsemanship. Despite Nation winning the final class, Mathis had enough other points in the pointed classes to hang on and win the High Point Buckle over Nation by a single point. Nation also won an additional non-pointed class, Senior Horse (6 & Over).

In the Gaited Horse Division, Jennifer West, riding Icy, scored 28 points to take the High Point Buckle, while Ashlyn Rhodes, riding Secret, scored 22 points for Reserve Champion.

West won four events in the Gaited Division, while Rhodes won one class. West won Gaiter Halter, Gaited Showmanship, Gaited English Pleasure, and Gaited Horsemanship. Rhodes won Gaited Pleasure and earned enough points in other classes to be Reserve Champ. Danielle Sill also won an event in the division, Gaited English Equitation.

There were nine non-point classes. John Nation and Layne Lebshier, previously mentioned, won two of them. Kamryn Aylesworth won Gelding Halter, Jeanne Hawes won Mare Halter, Amanda Hall won Pony Halter, and Delaney Nation won Walk-Trot (13 & under), and Ashtyn Morgan won Pony Pleasure. Kids too young to ride and compete participated in two classes. Matthew Horsman, Reece West, and Bubba McMillan participated in Leadline. Horsman, West, Isabella Minks, Emma Minks, and Skylar Havenar participated in Stick Horse classes.

Several other participants won 2nd-5th place ribbons in the 32 different events at the Silver Spurs Open Performance Horse Show.

High Point and Reserve High Point Winners were as follows:

13 & Under High Point-Rachel Higgs riding Dream on Nita with 24 points; Reserve-Layne Lebshier, riding Odds R Im Good with 23 points.

14-18 High Point-Jessica Robinson riding Same Ole Jazz Story with 27 points; Reserve-Corrin Hunt riding Indeed an Asset with 26 points

19 & Over High Point-Andrew Mathis riding Tramp Time Trouble with 26 points; Reserve-John Nation riding GoodNSonny Gunner with 25 points.

Gaited High Point-Jennifer West riding Icy with 28 points. Reserve-Ashlyn Rhodes riding Secret with 22 points.

High point sponsors for both the performance and speed shows were as follows:

13 & Under Buckle– Barker Implement, Shelbyville; 13 & Under Reserve – Gil & Darlene Jones, Decatur; 14-18 Buckle – Melissa & Andrew Mathis, Shelbyville; 14-18 Reserve – Chandler Fast Stop/Chandler Family Farm, Herrick; 19 & Over Buckle – Becky Borah; 19 & Over Reserve – Robinson Creek Lawn Care (Todd & Terri Horsman), Shelbyville; Gaited Buckle – Illinois Foxtrotter Association; Gaited Reserve – Randy & Theresa Boehm & Family, Windsor

Class Winners

Non-Point Classes: Gelding halter-Kamryn Aylesworth; Mare halter-Jeanne Hawes; Pony halter-Amanda Hall; Leadline-Matthew Horsman, Reece West, Bubba McMillan; Stickhorse-Matthew Horsman, Reece West, Isabella Minks, Emma Minks, Skylar Havenar; Walk-trot 13 & Under-Delaney Nation; Junior Horse (5 & Under)-Layne Lebshier; Senior Horse (6 & Over)-John Nation; Pony Pleasure-Ashtyn Morgan

Gaited Division: Gaited halter-Jennifer West; Gaited showmanship-Jennifer West; Gaited English Pleasure-Jennifer West; Gaited English Equitation-Danielle Sill; Gaited Pleasure-Ashlyn Rhodes; Gaited horsemanship-Jennifer West

13 & Under Division: Showmanship-Layne Lebshier; English Pleasure-Hallie Horsman; English Equitation-Hallie Horsman; Country Pleasure-Rachel Higgs; Western Pleasure-Hallie Horsman; Western Horsemanship-Rachel Higgs

14-18 Division: Showmanship-Corrin Hunt; English Pleasure-Corrin Hunt; English Equitation-Jessica Robinson; Country Pleasure-Corrin Hunt; Western Pleasure-Jessica Robinson; Western Horsemanship-Jessica Robinson

19 & Over Division: Showmanship-Andrew Mathis; English Pleasure-Andrew Mathis; English Equitation-Andrew Mathis; Country Pleasure-John Nation; Western Pleasure-John Nation; Western Horsemanship-John Nation

Area businesses and families helped sponsor the show. Silver Spurs wants to say Thank You to everyone that supported the shows. Without their generous donations, the shows wouldn’t be possible.

Businesses included: From Pana-Joe Coleman Salvage, Effingham Equity – Pana Branch, Brunner Auto Supply, Automotive Sales, Sandy Thomas, and Hair Razors; From Assumption-Sloans Implement, Sloans Express and Creamer Insurance; From Shelbyville- Shelby Electric and Boarmans Auto Sales; From Windsor-Windsor Foods; From Gays- Higgins Outdoors

Silver Spurs leader Yolanda wanted to give a thank you to all those who helped with the show: Jim Hampton & John Nation – working up the arena; Michael Virden – announcing the show; Becky Amling – ring steward; Melody Walter, Izac & Logan Virden – running the gate; Dawn Adrian, Amanda & Payton Creamer, Karen Amling and Terri Horsman – running the concession stand; Theresa Boehm, Danielle Hunt and Joni Virden – taking entries and doing paperwork. Thank you to the Silver Spurs members for bringing items for the concession stand.

Money raised from the horse show stays in the Silver Spurs 4-H club to support club activities such as paying the county program fees, paying contest fees, purchasing educational materials and so much more. A big thank you to all the exhibitors who came to the show and supported the Silver Spurs 4-H Club.