Shelbyville Daily Union

June 30, 2014

SHC Ruff'd Up Again

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Shelbyville Horseshoe Club was Ruff’d up again on Thursday night, as Lloyd Ruff bested the field with a perfect 7-0 record.

Carroll Rhodes edged George Mose for 2nd place on points. Both were 5-2. Rhodes tallied 49 points in his two losses, while Mose scored 33 points in losses.

Key match-ups on the night came in game #4 and game #6. Ruff and partner Dorothy Hack played Rhodes and his partner Lloyd Allen. Ruff and Hack took the game 30-21, handing Rhodes one of his two losses. The other came in a barn-burning game #1 to Mose and Hack, 30-28.

In game #6, Ruff and his partner, Allen, took on Mose and his partner Dave Stone. Ruff and Allen beat Mose and Stone by the same score he beat Rhodes, 30-21. Ruff and Stone then added insult to injury by beating Mose and Allen in game #7, 30-12, to cap the night. It also threw Mose, from contending for the weekly title to into being in a tie-breaker with Rhodes, which Rhodes won.

John Stevens won Class B, going 4-1 with 22 points. John Galvin was 2nd at 3-2 with 37 points. Matt Pittman was back pitching and placed 3rd at 3-2 with 31 points in losses.

A 3-way battle for 4th place ensued in Class A. Hack was 3-4, winning those three matches partnering with Mose, Ruff, and Rhodes, while beating Rhodes twice with Ruff and Mose. Rich Galvin was also 3-4. His three wins came partnering with Ruff, Mose, and Rhodes. All three wins came against Patti Doty and her partners. But she got the last laugh.

Doty has been competitive against Class A pitchers and was dominant in Class B, so she was bumped up to Class A. She went 3-4, like Hack and Galvin. Her three wins also came partnering with Ruff, Mose, and Rhodes. Three of her four losses came against Galvin and the other against Hack. Yet, Doty accumulated 59 points in her losses, out-pacing Hack’s 49 points and Galvin’s 41 points and edging both of them for 4th place.

SHC 6.26

Class A: 1. Lloyd Ruff 7-0; 2. Carroll Rhodes 5-2, 49 points; 3. George Mose 5-2, 33 points; 4. Patti Doty 3-4, 59 points; 5. Dorothy Hack 3-4, 49 points; 6. Rich Galvin 3-4, 41 points; Lloyd Allen 1-6, 97 points; 8. Dave Stone 1-6, 82 points.

Class B: 1. John Stevens 4-1, 22 points; 2. John Galvin 3-2, 37 points; 3. Matt Pittman 3-2, 31 points; 4. Brandon Stone 2-5, 43 points; 5. Wade Allen 2-5, 42 points; 6. Roy Franklin 1-4, 39 points.