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April 8, 2013

"Lady A" &M Claims Shelby Open

SHELBYVILLE, IL. — It was just one point, a simple, but sweet note as “Lady A” &M won a battle with St. Teresa to claim the Shelby Girls Open Championship on Friday.

Central A&M took 1st with 97 points, while St. Teresa was 2nd with 96 points. Sullivan-Okaw Valley (58) was back by almost 40 points in 3rd to lead the rest of the field. Shelbyville was 11th (10 points), Pana 12th (7 points), and Cowden-Herrick/Beecher City 14th (5 points).

Central A&M had an advantage in sprints and hurdles, while St. Teresa was a pace ahead of A&M in the distance races and relays. A&M also had an edge in the weights. That made it a tight finish on points between the two rivals.

In the 4x4 relay, St. Teresa placed second for 8 points, enough to tie A&M. But the Raider 4x4 relay team of Jorgi Sparrgrove, Paige Seitz, Kylee Burcham and Mikaela Cole finished 6th. That got them one more team point, enough to nip St. Teresa, 97 to 96 to win the meet.

 Amanda McClain (SOV) was queen of the meet, winning three individual events. The sophomore won her two signature events, the 400 dash  (58.54) by almost three seconds and the long jump (17-0.5) by nine inches. McClain also won the 200 dash (25.99).

Taylor Adcock, A&M senior, almost won three events, but was edged in the 100 hurdles. Adcock won the 100 dash (12.8) and the reigning state champ in the 300 hurdles, won that event (45.07). She was edged in the 100 hurdles by Ashley Miller of Mt. Zion by three hundredths of a second. Miller ran a 15.81 and Adcock a 15.84. Adcock’s hurdle partner, Kaitlyn Corzine was 4th in the 100 hurdles. Adcock and Corzine earned 12 points in that one event. Corzine was 2nd to Adcock in the 300 hurdles and that got “Lady A” &M 18 points in one event.

A&M discus was also key to the Raider win, as they went #1, #2. State medalist Genny Rose Stringer threw 126-10 to win the event and underclassman teammate Mikah Maples was 2nd (110-5), getting them another 18 points in one event.

McClain and SOV also got points from teammate Mollie Bowman, who won another triple jump event. Bowman went 32-5. SOV won the state 4x2 title last year, but they had to re-tool after graduation. They are still fast, but not dominating like last year. SOV’s latest version of the 4x2 (Erika Tomzewski, Bowman, McClain, and Emily Neuhauser) placed 2nd (1:48.8) behind a blindingly fast set of Clinton sprinters (1:47).

Central A&M challenged in the 4x2 thanks to an amazing catch-up finish by Adcock coming down the stretch. Adcock was running so fast, she was near take-off speed at the finish line. A&M’s 4x2 team (Sarah Bailey, Ryan Dooley, Corzine and Adcock) finished just one tenth of a second behind (1:48.9) 2nd place SOV.

Host Shelbyville had their best performances out of distance runners Morgan Powers and Molly Yockey and sprinter Keeley Buhrmester. Powers placed 4th in the 800 (2:29.7) for four of Shelby’s 10 points. Buhrmester placed 5th in the 100 dash (13.24), 5th in the 400 dash (1:04.59) and 7th in the 200 dash (27.79), scoring four more of Shelby’s points. Yockey placed 5th in the  2-mile (12:50.6) for the other two points.

Pana was 12th, getting their seven points in the high jump and the hurdles. Allie Schoonover placed 3rd in the high jump (5-0) for six points. Lauren Merrifield placed 6th in the 300 hurdles (51.67) to get the other point.

Cowden-Herrick was 14th (6 points), getting all six from leaper Ava Paruleski. Paruleski went 31-9.5 in the triple jump for 4th place (4 points), placed 6th in the long jump (15-2) for 1 points, and tied for 6th in the high jump (4-10).


Shelby Girls Open

Team Scores: 1. Central A&M 97, 2. St. Teresa 96, 3. SOV 58, 4. Newton 55, 11. Shelbyville 10, 12. Pana 7, 14. CHBC 5

Shelby, CAM, SOV, CHBC, Pana results

100 Dash-1. Adcock (CAM) 12.8, 5. Buhrmester (SH) 13.24, 8. Bailey (CAM) 13.53, Pre-lim: 9. Neuhauser (SOV) 13.41, 13. Tomczewski (SOV) 13.9, 18. Yakey (SS) 14.3, 21. Miller (CHBC) 14.7, 22. Wheat (SS) 14.8, 24. Merrifield (P) 14.9, 25. B. Schoonover (P) 14.9, 30. Tice (SH) 15.7

200 Dash-1. McClain (SOV) 25.99, 5. Neuhauser (SOV) 27.57, 7. Buhrmester (SH) 27.79, Pre-lim: 10. Dooley (CAM) 28.5, 13. Hilton (CAM) 29.3, 17. Presnell (P) 30, 21. Yakey (SS) 30.7, 22, Wheat (SS) 30.9, 25. T. Powers (SH) 32.0, 28. Kemme (CHBC) 33.4

400 Dash-1. McClain (SOV) 58.54, 5. Buhrmester (SH) 1:04.59, 6. Cole (CAM) 1:04.66, 7. Sparrgrove (CAM) 1:04.70, 9. Miller (CHBC) 1:05.80, 12. Presnell (P) 1:08.70, 17. Rochkes (P) 1:11.90, 20. Spears (SH) 1:15.6

800 Run-3. Sloan (CAM) 2:28.8, 4. Powers (SH) 2:29.7, 9. Seitz (CAM) 2:34, 10. Alde (P) 2:35.4, 14. Cieplik (SH) 2:39.9, 20. Car. Nuzzo (SOV) 2:50.7, 21. Cad. Nuzzo (SOV) 2:51.50, 22. Henschen (P) 2:51.50, 26. Neu (CHBC) 3:16.50

1600 Run-5. Sloan (CAM) 5:42.8, 8. B. Johnston (SH) 5:59, 10. Yockey (SH) 6:08.60, 11. Heaton (CAM) 6:12.80, 15. Kline (CHBC) 6:25.30, 16. Cad. Nuzzo (SOV) 6:29, 19. Henschen (P) 6:57.40, 22. Simac (P) 7:10.20, 26. Neu (CHBC) 7:34.50

3200 Run-4. Heaton (CAM) 12:47.9, 5. Yockey (SH) 12:50.6, 9. Kline (CHBC) 13:38.6, 12. J. Karraker (SH) 14:03.5, 13. Elder (SOV) 14:10.2, 15. Neu (CHBC) 14:24.4, 20. Burrus (CAM) 15:39.4, 22. Scroggins (P) 16:00.7, 23. Hackler (P) 17:03.3

100 Hurdles-2. Adcock (CAM) 15.84, 4. Corzine (CAM) 16.3, 8. Rochkes (P) 17.5, 9. Holthaus (P) 18.3 20. Emel (SOV) 21.7, 21. Riddle (SH) 22.0, 22. Meredith (SOV) 22.2, 23. M. Martin (SH) 22.3

300 Hurdles-1. Adcock (CAM) 45.07), 2. Corzine (CAM) 48.49, 6. Merrifield (P) 51.67, 8. Holthaus (P) 52.7, 9. Meg. Dash (SOV) 53.37, 19. M. Martin (SH) 1:02.94, 20. Riddle (SH) 1:03.37, 21. Emel (SOV) 1:05.06

4x100 Relay-3. CAM (Sparrgrove, Dooley, Corzine, Bailey) 52.10, 10. SOV (Tomczewski, Car. Nuzzo, Lamb, Merryman) 59.8, 11. Shelbyville (Williams, Laskowski, Logue, T. Powers) 1:00.2

4x200 Relay-2. SOV (Tomczewski, Nowman, McClain, Neuhauser) 1:48.8, 3. CAM (Bailey, Dooley, Corzine, Adcock) 1:48.9, 13. CHBC (Miller, Kemme, Blair, Kelly) 2:09.5, 14. Shelbyville (Anderson, Jennings, Travis, S. Martin) 2:11.9

4x400 Relay-6. CAM (Sprrgrove, Seitz, Burcham, Cole) 4:25.57, 9. SOV (Lamb, Marshall, Car. Nuzzo, Neuhauser) 4:30.13, 10. Pana (Alde, Duduit, Lett, Holthaus) 4:34.54, 11. Shelby (M. Powers Cieplik, Buhrmester, Spears) 4:51.18

4x800 Relay-3. CAM (Cole, Seitz, Burcham, Sloan) 10:28.8

High jump-3. Schoonover (P) 5-0, 3. Dash (SOV) 5-0, 6. Paruleski (CHBC) 4-10, 16. Dooley (CAM) 4-6, 18. M. Powers (SH) 4-4, 21. Postin (CAM) 4-2, 21. Uphoff (SOV) 4-2    

Pole vault-6. Cole (CAM) 8-6, 7. Lett (P) 8-0, 11. Car. Nuzzo (SOV) 7-0, 14. Oldham (SH) 6-6, 14. Cad. Nuzzo (SOV) 6-6

Long jump-1. McClain (SOV) 17-0.5, 4. Bowman (SOV) 15-6, 6. Paruleski (CHBC) 15-2, 10. Hilton (CAM) 14-0.5, 11. B. Schoonover (P) 14-0, 15. Yakey (SS) 13-10.5, 20. Sparrgrove (CAM) 13-5, 23. M. Nartin (SH) 13-0, 24. Spears (SH) 12-7.5, 25. Blair (CHBC) 12-5.5, 27. Ballinger (SS) 11-2.5

Triple jump-1. Bowman (SOV) 32-5, 4. Paruleski (CHBC) 31-9.5, 8. Duduit (P) 30-3, 15. Alde (P) 28-8, 18. Blair (CHBC) 26-2

Shot put-3. Stringer (CAM) 32-10, 8. Maples (CAM) 28-11.5, 11. Emel (SOV) 26-8.5, 15. Goralski (SH) 25-5, 16. Simac (P) 24-11.5, 21. Griesemer (SH) 23-0, 24. Wheat (SS) 21-9, 25. Ohm (SOV) 20-6, 26. Neu (CHBC) 20-5.5

Discus-1. Stringer (CAM) 126-10, 2. Maples (CAM) 110-5, 7. Cothern (P) 95-6.5, 10. Goralski (SH) 80-1.5, 14. Allen (SH) 74-8, 17. Love (SOV) 65-11, 21. Wheat (SS) 57-11, 23. Mitchell (SOV) 54-7




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