Shelbyville Daily Union

July 16, 2013

Huntington runs table at SHC

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — George Huntington was back at Shelbyville Horseshoe Club on Thursday, prior to a huge Danville tournament. Huntington beached all seven of his opponents to win Class A with a perfect record.

Things started off with a bang. In Class A, Lloyd Ruff threw a shutout against two opponents in game 1. Ruff was on fire and Lloyd Allen and last week’s winner Carrol Rhodes, 30-0. In Class B, Shelly Weber and Patty Doty were teamed up and the ladies beat their male opponents, Brad Phegley and John Galvin, 21-16.

Huntington also started off well. He and rotating doubles partner Rich Galvin cruised by Dororthy Hack and George Mose, 30-11. Huntington then went solo against Hack and Rich Galvin and won, 30-4. Huntington continued to pick on Hack as he and Rhodes ganged up on her and won, 30-0.

Rhodes joined Hack and they competed against Huntington and Huntington still won, 30-5. Huntington and Lloyd Allen were paired against Ruff and, yes, Hack. Again, Huntington cruised, winning 30-11.

Finally, Hack got to be on the winning team. She joined Huntington against Lloyd’s of SHC (Ruff and Allen). It was the best match of the night. Ruff and Allen led late, but Hack came through late and she saved Huntingon’s perfect night as they won 30-28. In the final round of the night, Huntington and Ruff went after Allen and, yup, Hack. Huntington and Ruff won, 30-7.

Second and third places were decided on points. Ruff and Rhodes both went 4-3. However, Ruff came closer in his losses, totaling 54 points in those losses. Rhodes had just 20 points in losses.

In Class B, everything was decided on points. All five pitchers had 2-2 records. The 1st and 2nd place finishers teamed up to lose the first match of the night. However, Brad Phegley (2-2) finished 1st with 32 points in his two losses. John Galvin (2-2) finished in 2nd with 30 points in loss. Third place went to Shelly Weber (2-2) who had 25 points in loss.

Class A: 1. George Huntington 7-0, 2. Lloyd Ruff 4-3, 54 points; 3. Carrol Rhodes 4-3, 20 points; 4. George Mose 3-4, 54 points; 5. Lloyd Allen 2-5, 67 points; 6. Rich Galvin 2-5, 40 points; 7. Dorothy Hack 1-6, 31 points

Class B: 1. Brad Phegley 2-2, 32 points; 2. John Galvin 2-2, 30 points, 3. Shelly Weber 2-2, 25 points, 4. Patty Doty 2-2, 19 points; 5. Roy Franklin 2-2, 14 points.