Shelbyville Daily Union

December 26, 2012

Okaw Boys Drop A Pair At St. T

JOHN CURTIS - Daily Union Sports Editor

SHELBYVILLE, IL. — Okaw Valley got it put on them in the 1sthalf on Friday against Cerro Gordo in the St. Teresa Holiday Tourney. They got better traction in the 2nd half, but still lost by 18, 82-64.

The Broncos went on a 22-13 run to start the game and then deepened the cut in the 2nd with a 20-10 run to lead by 19 at the break, 42-23. Okaw finally put up 18 points in the 3rd period, but Cerro Gordo still out-scored them and upped their lead to 23 points with a 23-point period.

Okaw was down 65-41 to start the final countdown. The Broncos stopped bucking and the T’Wolves finished with a 23-11 run. It wasn’t a comeback, but it did make the final verdict under 20 points.  

Hunter Perrine led the Timberwolves with 18 points, making 8-of-11 at the line. Okaw shot a lot of free throws, making 19-of-32, but their 8-point advantage at the line couldn’t make up for a ton of Bronco threes.

Cerro Gordo launched a sortie of nine long range missiles with direct hits. Okaw had just one, as Cerro Gordo out-scored them from the arc by 24 points.

The Broncos’ Lovekamp was the game-high scorer with 25 points, including a trey hat trick and 6-of-10 at the line. Blickensderfer and Tenney joined him in double figures. Blickensderfer scored 15, including his own trio of treys, while Tenney scored 14, with a pair of triples.    


St. Teresa Tourney

Cerro Gordo 82, Okaw Valley 64

CG    22-20-23-11--82

OV   13-10-18-23--64

OV stats: Perrine 18 (5 Fgs, 8/11 Fts), Hagerman 13 (4-2s, 1-3 pt Fgs, 2/4 Fts), G. Sparks 8 (2 Fgs, 4/4 Fts), Jeffers 7 (3 Fgs, 1⁄2 Fts), Craig 6 (2 Fgs, 2/5 Fts), Corrington 5 (2 Fgs, 1⁄2 Fts),  Bush 4 (2 Fgs, 0/2 Fts), Shields 2 (FG), B. Sparks 1 (1⁄2 Fts). Team Fgs 22. 3-Pointers: 1 (Hagerman). Team Fts 19-of-32.  

CG stats: Lovekamp 25 (5-2s, 3-3 pt  Fgs, 6/10 Fts), Blickensderfer 15 (3-2s, 3-3 pt Fgs, 0/3 Fts), B. Tenney 14 (3-2s, 2-3 pt Fgs, 2/4 Fts), Shay 7 (2-2s, 1-3 pt Fgs), Nailer 6 (2 Fgs, 2/2 Fts), Hart 4 (2 Fgs), Weedman 3 (FG, 1⁄2 Fts). Team Fgs 31. 3-Pointers: 9 (Lovekamp 3, Blickenderfer 3, Tenney 2, Shay). Team Fts 11-of-21.  

After dropping their first game of the tourney on Friday, Okaw Valley had a bitter pill to swallow on Saturday losing to Bement in a 4-point game, 59-55.

Bement had consistent output in each quarter, while Okaw road the roller coaster.  Okaw was stymied in the 1st, 14-6, then exploded for a 21-12 run in the 2nd to take a 3-point lead at the break, 29-26.

Okaw couldn’t buy a basket again in the 3rd , due to Bement’s defense, and Bement had a 17-4 run to reclaim the lead going into the 4th, 43-33. Okaw had another scoring fit in the 4th, dropping 22 points on Bement in 8:00.

But Bement scored enough to hold on and win by four. Okaw was led by Wes Thompson with 14 points, including two treys. He was followed by four teammates with near double digit performances. Garrett Sparks, Peyton Hagerman, and Cody Corrington had nine points, each. Perrine had eight. Hagerman had two triples and Corrington one.

Bement had three players in double figures. Gross had 16, Morton 14, and Rittenhouse 12.


St. Teresa Holiday Tournament

Bement 59, Okaw Valley 55

Bement  14-12-17-16--59  

Okaw       8-21-4-22--55

Okaw stats: Thompson 14 (3-2s, 2-3 pt FGs, 2/2 FTs), G. Sparks 9 (3 FGs,3/4 FTs), Hagerman 9 (1-2, 2-3 pt FGs, 1/3 FTs), Corrington 9 (1-2, 2-3 pt FGs, 4/8 FTs), Perrine 8 (3 FGs, 2/2 FTs), Bush 2 (FG, Jeffers 2 (FG, Craig 2 (FG). Team FGs 19. 3-Pointers: 5 (Hagerman 2, Thompson 2, Corrington). Team FTs 12-of-19.

Bement stats: Gross 16 (3-2s, 1-3 pt FGs, 7/11 FTs), Morton 14 (4-3 pt FGs, 2/8 FTs), Rittenhouse 12 (5 FGs, 2/2 FTs), Isbell 9 (4 FGs, 1/3 FTs), Summers 6 (2-3 pt FGs, Maltby 2 (FG). Team FGs 20. 3-Pointers: 7 (Morton 4, Summers 2, Gros). Team FTs 12-of-24.