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September 29, 2013

Shelby Boys 2nd At St. Joe

JOHN CURTIS - Daily Union Sports Editor
Daily Union Sports Editor

SHELBYVILLE — Shelbyville boys cross country (#10-ranked) beat 23 other teams at the big St. Joe-Ogden meet on Saturday, losing only to #6 ranked Tolono Unity.

"It was a pretty good day for us," said Ram coach Kevin Kramer. "The Rams finished 2nd to Tolono Unity by 15 points. The Rams were trying to defend their title they won last season.

Shelbyville beat several other ranked teams in the meet: #1 Monticello, #5 St. Joseph-Ogden, #8 Urbana University High, #11 Tremont, #19 El Paso-Gridley, and #20 Paxton-Buckley-Loda.

"The boys had a great day. Drennian Martin, Marcus Skinner, Kenton Wilson, Jaden Stockdale, and Tyler Pasley beat last year's teams school record team time by running 1:19.00 combined top 5 runners time. Last year's team of Neil Yockey, Alex Matlock, Cory Powers, Drennian Martin, and Jaden Stockdale ran 1:19.59."

Marcus Skinner and Drennian Martin ran to a virtual dead heat by running 15:14 for 5th and 6th place respectively.

"Their times put them in a tie for 5th place on Shelbyville All-Time list for Shelbyville runners," Coach Kramer said. "They both ran really well. We have not had anyone run faster than that since Lucas Kramer won the race in 1999 in 15:10. They were in the chase pack after the top three leaders. They are in position to make themselves one of the top 25 runners in the state."

Kenton Wilson finished in 21st place in a time of 15:52.

"His time would have put him in top 25 All-time, but since Drennian and Marcus ran what they did, he just falls out of top 25," Coach Kramer said. "I thought he ran pretty good.

"He was a little confused on where he was at during the race, so I think he thinks he could have done a little better. He normally is around 20 to 30 seconds back of our first runner and he was 38 seconds, so he is probably right. But still a good effort and he is starting to show some consistency which is good."

Jaden Stockdale came off the injured list for first time in three weeks and place 24th in a time of 15:57.

"Jaden was disappointed, but I told him he ran great," Coach Kramer said. "He has to remember he missed three weeks so he was not going to be race sharp. He usually was right behind Marcus and Drennian so I think he thought he still should be even being out that long.

"I think he can be but it is going to take time. He was our fourth runner under 16:00 which we never have done before. I thought he ran well for where he is at in his conditioning."

Tyler Pasley ran 16:43 to finish 46th.

"Tyler was also the top freshman in the race," Coach Kramer said. "I thought Tyler ran pretty good. I still think he has more in him, but he is learning. He was about 1:29 behind our top two guys and we need to get him to 1:15 or better so he is close. A few more weeks and he will be there. Just has to push a little harder to stay with whom we need him to. He was about 10 seconds behind Unity's # 5 man so he just needs a little bit more to get there.

"This is second week in a row that Tyler has won top freshman award. Coach Mosley and I were giving him a hard time. It is a great accomplishment, but to put it in perspective the freshman class is really weak this year all over. Marcus Skinner ran a 16:12 as a freshman last year and was only the fourth best in the meet. But still it is nice for Tyler to get the award."

Preston Henze was the Rams 6th man in the race. He ran a 17:15 for 64th place.

"That was Preston's best time ever, so we were happy for that," Coach Kramer said. "However, he keeps getting pains in the upper part of his chest that causes a lot of discomfort. He is really working through it, but I know it is hurting him. Hopefully, we can get it figured out and he can run pain free during the race."

Jordan Sieger ran a 17:24 for 74th place.

"It was his best time ever," Coach Kramer said. "Jordan is really closing the gap on Tyler and Preston, which we need him to do. I am happy with his progress."

On the girls' side, Morgan Powers ran a 12:06 for 18th place overall.

"It was a loaded girls field," Coach Kramer said. "Morgan's time put her 12th on all time list of top times for Shelbyville girls. Morgan ran very well. She ran so well, I missed her at the finish. She was ahead of Molly, so I never did see her. If she keeps working hard and on her pace, she also has a chance to go far in post season.

Molly Yockey ran a 12:22 for 24th.

"Molly was 13th place on the all-time Shelby list," Coach Kramer said. "Molly looked very good. She was only off of last years time by 16 seconds, so she is getting close to getting back to her old self. Hopefully, by conference she will be there.

Maggy Yockey ran a 13:29 for 63rd place.

"Maggy has been out with an injury, so it was good to see her back," Kramer said.

The Rams will be traveling to El Paso for a European style cross-country meet, which will feature some water hazards and obstacles. The meet will be Tuesday, Then the Rams are off the rest of the week.

"We are going to have some fun this week, while still working hard," Kramer said. "Tuesday will be fun and I have a couple of other things planned. It is homecoming week, so this works out well in our schedule. I like where we are at right now. But still a lot of work to do."


St. Joe Meet


Team scores: 1. Tolono 87, 2. Shelyville 102, 3. Monticello 108, 4. St. Joe 109, 5. Tremont 150, 6.  Urbana U-High 151, 7. PBL 159, 8. El Paso 222, 10. St. Teresa 357 18. Neoga 476, 19. Sullivan Okaw-Valley

Shelby, SOV scores: 5. Marcus Skinner (SH) 15:14.83, 6. Drennian Martin (SH) 15:14.89, 21. Kenton Wilson (SH) 15:52, 24. Jaden Stockdale (SH) 15:57, 46. Tyler Pasley (SH) 16:43, 54. Ethan Lehman (SOV) 16:56, 64. Preston Henze (SH) 17:15, 74. Jordan Sieger (SH) 17:24, 91. Clayton Waldhoff (SOV) 17:43, 95. Alex Harvey (SOV) 17:44, 121. JT Bland (SOV) 18:35, 123. Brent Mauck (SOV) 18:37, 134. Shawn Cody (SOV) 19:10, 142. Nick Cravatta (SOV) 19:44


Shelby, SOV results: 1. Anna Sophia Keller (SA) 10:30, 18. Morgan Powers (SH)  12:06, 24. Molly Yockey (SH), 50. Ashlynd Risely (SOV) 13:14, 51. Carlin Nuzzo (SOV) 13:14, 55. Holly Lamb (SOV) 13:20, 63. Maggy Yockey (SH) 13:29, 71. Bailee Pratt (SOV) 13:37, 76. Cadisen Nuzzo 13:43, 83. Mollie Bowman (SOV) 13:53, 104. Annie Hogan (SOV) 14:24