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July 9, 2013

Rhodes Wins SHC

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — 4th of July Eve, when the Shelbyville Horseshoe Club pitched their weekly tourney a day early, Carrol Rhodes declared his independence as the top dog, winning the tourney.

Rhodes won Class B last week, going 6-1. On July 3, there was just one class and Rhodes went 6-1 against a combined Class A/Class B field. Rhodes and his rotating doubles partners won the first five matches (30-17, 30-5, 30-20, 30-7, 30-15) before dropping a match, 30-11. Rhodes and John Stevens won the next and final match, 30-12, and clinched the win.

The biggest win of the night for Rhodes was match #3, when he and Brad Phegley took down Lloyd Ruff and visitor Steven, 30-20. In the final analysis, that match gave Rhodes the win and pushed Ruff to 2nd. Rhodes’ only loss was to Stevens and Dorothy Hack, who placed 3rd.

Ruff was 5-2. besides the loss to Rhodes, Ruff lost match #5 in a nip ‘n tuck affair. Ruff and Brandon Stephens lost to Lloyd Allen and Phegley

The Shelbyville Horseshoe Club pitches weekly tournaments every Thursday night beginning about 7 p.m. at their courts across the railroad tracks from the corner of North 12th Street and North Morgan in Shelbyville. Local guests and visitors to Lake Shelbyville are welcome.

SHC July 3

1. Carrol Rhodes 6-1, 11 points; 2. Lloyd Ruff 5-2, 48 points; 3. Dorothy Hack 4-3, 57 points; 4. John Stevens 4-3, 48 points; 5. Lloyd Allen 3-4, 58 points; 6. Brad Phegley 3-4, 54 points; 7. Brandon Stephens 3-4, 43 points; 8. Steven 0-8, 87 points