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September 13, 2013

No Easy 'A'

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Shelbyville had their shot at a win last week against Central A&M, but case up short, 27-20. Tonight will be no easy “A” at Argenta. The sledding will be tough again, against the opportunistic Bombers.

Give Argenta an inch, they’ll take a mile. Argenta destroyed defenseless Clinton in Week 1, 56-19. But in Week 2, mighty Monticello put Argenta in their place, 20-6. Shelbyville lost to Maroa in Week 1, 40-0, prior to the 27-20 loss to Central A&M. AO has scored 62 points and given up 39, a positive 23-point differential. Shelbyville ‘s differential this season is -47 points.

After Shelbyville’s vast improvement in Week 2, Argenta can’t just pencil in a win.

Argenta may be awesome against also-ran opponents, put pedestrian against the upper tier. The Rams (0-2) will have some say in whether they are at least average or just another also-ran team.

The Bombers will have to earn the win by playing up to par. If the Bombers do, they should move into Week 4 carrying a 2-1 record, winning 35-14. Shelby is healthy enough, but will they be hearty enough. One thing the Rams have show despite being 0-2 is that they do not quit and compete for 48 minutes.

Despite just competing, the Rams need to cash in when they have opportunities to get some offensive momentum going. Missed opportunities in the red zone have hampered the Rams from turning the corner, as of yet.

Due to falling behind the first two weeks, the Rams have had to pass. What they have discovered is that their passing isn’t half bad. They average almost 10 yards a pass completion and 5.2 yards per attempt. Meanwhile, rushing the ball has been discouraging, averaging just 2.26 yards per carry.

If the Rams can’t improve their rushing, it could be another year when the Rams throw for 1200 yards and miss the playoffs, ala Torry Schloz.

Defenseively, it’s the same ole story, make plays instead of missing tackles. The Ram were vastly improved from Week 1 to Week 2. But those 4 big plays by A&M were still the Rams undoing. It doesn’t do much good to stop an opponent 32 out of 36 plays, if those four plays that are not made, beat you.

Shelbyville Stats Thru Week 2

Opponents 14-32-14-7--67

Shelbyville 7-0-0-13-20

Total Yards: 430; Passing 28 of 53 (52.8%), 276 yards (9.8 yds/catch); Rushing 68 for 154 yards (2.26 yds/ carry).