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September 13, 2013

Huntington, Franklin win at SHC

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — George Huntington returned from the Illinois State Horseshoe Tournament and was hungry for a win. Huntington sailed to a 7-1 record and 1st place in Class A competition at the Shelbyville Horseshoe Club on Thursday. Meanwhile, Roy Franklin got a notch his gun by winning Class B in a showdown.

Carroll Rhodes, who placed 2nd in Class at 6-2, was sure and steady, but Huntington was near perfect. Round 3 was a battle of the best. Huntington and Dorothy Hack got nipped by Rhodes and Lloyd Ruff by the slimmest of margins, 30-29. It was the second straight battle royal. In round 2, Huntington and George Mose teamed up to beat Dale Westendorf and Hack, 30-28. Huntington ran the table the rest of the way.

In Class B, Franklin and visitor Bruce Stephens went down to the wire and Franklin earned 1st place by just five points. Franklin was 5-2 with 21 points in loss and Stephens was 5-2 with 16 points in loss.

Franklin and Stephens began to get separation from the pack in round 3. Franklin and Brad Phegley, last week’s Class B winner, teamed up to beat Stephens and Shelly Weber, 21-6. However, Stephens came right back in round 6 and returned the favor. Franklin was 4-2 with 21 points and Stephens was 4-2 with 16 points. Franklin and Stephens were partners in round 7, so Stephens couldn’t make up any ground and had to settle for 2nd place in his cameo appearance.

SHC will host the Annual Shelby Autumn Horseshoe Tournament the weekend of September 21 and 22 in addition to the Shelbyville Horseshoe Club pitching weekly tournaments every Thursday night beginning about 7 p.m. at their courts across the railroad tracks from the corner of North 12th Street and North Morgan in Shelbyville. Local guests and visitors to Lake Shelbyville are welcome.

SHC 9.5

Class A: 1. George Huntington 7-1, 29 points; 2. Carroll Rhodes 6-2, 21 points; 3. Lloyd Ruff 4-4, 81 points; 4. Dale Westendorf 4-4, 39 points; 5. Dorothy Hack 3-5, 109 points; 6. George Mose 3-5, 82 points; 7. Lloyd Allen 3-5, 62 points; 8.. Brandon Stephens 3-5, 58 points; 9. Rich Galvin 2-6, 41 points

Class B: 1. Roy Franklin 5-2, 21 points; 2. Bruce Stephens 5-2, 16 points; 3. Patty Doty 4-3, 44 points; 4. Wade Allen 4-3, 37 points; 5. Brad Phegley 3-4, 46 points; 6. Jon Galvin 2-5, 54 points; 7. Shelly Weber 1-6, 34 points.