Shelbyville Daily Union

January 20, 2013

Rams LeRoy Runner-Ups

Shelby Claims 4 Weight Titles

JOHN CURTIS - Daily Union Sports Editor

SHELBYVILLE, IL. — Shelbyville wrestling brought home more 1st place finishes than any other team and brought home the runner-up trophy from the prestigious LeRoy tournament on Saturday.

LeRoy won the tourney with 219 points, but Shelbyville was close behind with 192 points, as the runner-up. Monticello was 20 points back in 3rd (172).

The Rams scored four first place finishes, two 2nds, a 3rd, a 4th, and a 6th. LeRoy had more 3rd place finishes and that gave them the win.

Shelbyville had four #1 seeds coming in and two #2 seeds. The only #1 seed to cash in was sophomore Wyatt Fox (138).

Fox came in 22-5. He started the competition with a major decision over Midwest Central’s Kemper, 13-1. He then shut out junior Tyler Pasley (20-11) from Bismark-Henning, 4-0.

That put Fox in the title match against #2 seeded Shelton (21-7) from Oakwood. Fox dominated him with a major decision, 14-2. Fox ended the day at 25-5.

Sophomore Jared Finley (132) was a #2 seed coming in to the day with a record of 18-6. He surpassed his seed by winning the title match.

Finley beat Shannon (7-6) with a pin to start the day (3:59). He followed that up with another pin, sticking Reop from Leroy (3:41). That put Finley up against top-seed Ethan Pullum. Finley beat Pullum, 6-3 for the title. Finley finished the day at 21-6.

Junior Elliott Smithson (220) also came in as a #2 seed, starting the day with a 20-6 record.

Smithson opened by beating Bufurd from Midwest Central by a pin  in just 32 seconds. That pitted Smithson against Armstrong (23-4) from Monticello. Smithson out-pointed him, 10-4.

That put Smithson in the title bout against #1 seeded Sandy (22-2). Smithson beat him on points, as well, 13-8 to take the championship. Smithson finished the day 23-6.

The other Ram to claim a 1st place finish was not among in the top seeds. Senior Josh Hicks (170) came in at 19-8. He won an easy major decision over Ayers of Oakwood, 13-3. Hicks then won another major decision over Wirth of Lawrenceville, 15-4.

That put Hicks up against the #1 seed from Herrin, Cravens. Hicks, who has experience in close matches and overtime matches, took Cravens into over time and beat him, 3-1 for the championship.

Hicks finished the day at 22-8.

Two Ram #1 seeds, came close, but didn’t get the cigar.  Sophomore Adam Hudson (145) and senior Mitch Barna (180) finished 2nd in their respective classes.

Hudson came in at 20-3 and beat a senior from Eureka in his first match by a 2nd period pin (3:21). He beat another senior, Morgan from LeRoy with a 7-3 decision. That put Hudson in the title match against the #2 seed, Knisley from Monticello. Knisley pulled out a 3-2 win to deny Hudson the title. Hudson finished the day 22-4.

Barna came in 11-0 and won his first match by fall (4:13) over Asmus from Heyworth. Barna then won a close decision over Lindstrom of Herrin, 7-5. In the title match, Barna faced Menacher from Monticello and got caught, losing his first match of the season, by a fall (3:16). Barna finished the day at 13-1.

Freshman phenom Garrett Brachbill (113) finished in 3rd place Brachbill came in at 22-2 and easily won a pin in his first match over Tankersley from Monticello, beating the clock in the 1st period (1:57). However, in the semifinal, Brachbill was taken into overtime by Fitch from Peoria Richwoods. Fitch won 6-4 in OT and sent Brachbill to the 3rd place match.

Brachbill took on Spurgeon from Herrin and eked out a 6-5 decision. Brachbill finished the day 24-3.

Senior Jordan Johnston (160) stepped up on Saturday scoring a surprising 4th place finish for the Rams. Johnston came in just 7-11 to start the tourney.

Johnston shut out Theus from Brookfield, 3-0. Johnston then out-pointed Cememenska of Deer Creek Mackinaw, 7-3.

In the semifinal Johnston lost to Wilson, 10-2. That put Johnston in the 3rd place match. He lost to McIntosh of Lawrenceville, 7-1, but still finished 4th.

Sophomore Lucas Duckett (152) had a tough day. He came in 22-5, but not a top seed. He started by losing to Ward from Herrin, just 3-1.

That put Duckett behind the curve.

He wrestled back to beat Beal from Eureka by a major decision, 14-6. But then in the 5th place match, Duckett was upended again. Pranka from Princeton (18-9), knocked off Duckett in another close match, 3-2. Duckett finished the day in 6th with a 23-7 record.


LeRoy Tourney

Team Scores; 1. LeRoy 219, 2. Shelbyville 192, 3. Monticello 172, 4. Herrin 145, 5. Richwoods 103, 6. Lawrenceville 99, 7. Midwest Central 82, 8. Brookfield 73.5, 9. Oakwood 71.5, 10. Illinois valley Central 70.5, 11. Eureka 54.5, 12. Warrensburg 53.5, 13. Deer Creek Mackinaw 50.5, 14. Bismark 44, 15. Princeton 32, 16. Heyworth 6.

Ram Results

106-Zach Stirrett loss by fall (1:35); loss by major decision, 11-0

113-3rd Brachbill won by fall (1:57); lost in OT, 6-4; won by decision, 6-5

120-Matt Tinsman lost by fall (1:26); lost by tech fall, 15-0

126-Jared Hicks lost by fall (:54); lost by decision, 6-2

132-1st Finley won by fall (3:59); won by fall (3:41), won by decision, 6-3

138-1st Fox won by major decision, 13-1; won by decision, 4-0; won by major decision, 14-2

145-2nd Hudson won by fall (3:21); won by decision, 7-3; lost by decision, 3-2

152-6th Duckett lost by decision, 3-1; won by major decision, 14-6; lost by decision, 3-2

160-4th Johnston won by decision, 3-0; won by decision, 7-3; lost by major decision, 10-2; lost by decision, 7-1

170-1st Josh Hicks won by major decision, 13-3; won by major decision, 15-4; won in OT, 3-1

180-2nd Barna won by fall (4:13); won by decision, 7-5; lost by fall (3:16)


220-1st Smithson won by fall (:32); won by decision, 10-4; won by decision, 13-8

285-Mudgette won by fall (3:08); lost by decision, 7-1; won by forfeit; lost in OT, 2-1.