Shelbyville Daily Union

October 22, 2012

Rams Leave All On The Field

JOHN CURTIS - Daily Union Sports Editor

SHELBYVILLE, IL. — Unranked 2A Shelbyville football (5-4) held their own for the 1st quarter, then 5th-ranked Tolono (8-1) took over, scoring 23 points before half-time and went on to win, 50-12.

Shelbyville was down 30-0 in the 3rd period, then QB Tucker Schwengel connected with Darin Breeden for a 58 yard pass play for a touchdown. Tolono answered, but the Rams came right back with a 62 yard strike from Schwengel to Luke Hatfield for their second TD in a little over 4:00.

Shelbyville made it 37-12 with 3:29 left in the 3 rd. But Tolono scored again in the 3 rd and early in the 4th to get the 38-point win and go to 8-1.

Shelbyville, playoff eligible at 5-4, had to wait see if by some magic of mathematics they would make the cut off to get into the playoffs. Other teams ahead of them on points would also have to lose.

Tolono penalties in the 1st period shot them in them in the foot. Shelbyville had a chance to score in the 1st with the ball on Tolono’s 4 yard line, but got turned away.

The Rams got the ball on their own 32. And Schwengel hit Breeden for a 5 yard pass, then Nate Standerfer for eight yards and a 1st down at the Ram 45. Schwengel passed to Luke Hatfield for three yards, then ran for six more. Schwengel connected with Standerfer again for 10 yards and a 1st down at the Tolono 37.

Schwengel, who had sore ribs from last week, missed the next two receivers, but on 3rd and 10 he hit Luke McConnell. A face mask penalty took it to the Tolono 16.

Tolono was offsides and gave the Rams 1st and 5 at the 11. A pass to Jake Keown to the 6 yard line made it 1st and goal.

Hatfield picked up two yards, then Schwengel threw to the end zone, but the catch couldn’t be made. Then Schwengel ran and was stopped. At the 4 yard line. Shelby called time-out and went for it on 4th  down. Schwengel ran but was stopped at the 2 yard line, giving Tolono the ball.

Tolono then went on their 23-0 run in the 2nd to put the Rams in a hole too big to climb out of.

Tolono gradually picked up running 1st down to the 45. Then they broke a 30 yard run to the Ram 15. They scored two plays later to go up 6-0 with 9:46 in the half.

Shelby took the kick-off at their own 12 and the return man’s knee touched the ground as he picked up the ball. On the first play from scrimmage, Shelby fumbled and Tolono had the ball.

On 4th and 6, Tolono kicked a field goal to go up 9-0. With 8:07 in the 2nd.

Shelby took another kick-off. On 2nd and 10, Schwengel hit Keown for a 12 yard pass play and a 1st down. However, the next throw was intercepted at midfield.

Tolono scored on the 1st play of the possession on a 50-yard run. The PAT was good and they were up 16-0 with 7:15 in the half. Tolono had back -to-back scores from Ram turnovers.

Shelby went 3 and out and Hatfield punted the ball 42 yards with no return. Tolono started another scoring drive. They worked their way down the field and called time-out with 1:16 in the half on 3 rd and 7 from the Ram 25.

Tolono went for it on 4th and 7 and threw a floating pass down the middle of the field. The Rams couldn’t make the play and the ball was caught at the Ram 7.

Two plays later the Tolono QB ran the ball to the goal line and fumbled into the end zone. Again the Rams couldn’t make the play. A Tolono player fell on it for the TD with 24.3 seconds left in the half. The PAT was good, 23-0 Tolono.

The Rams took the kick-off, then threw two incomplete passes. Schwengel then hit Breeden for a 1st down to the Ram 47. The Rams threw the ball again. It was incomplete, but Tolono had a personal foul and the Rams had the ball at the Tolono 33 with no time on the clock. A run to the 20 by Jordan Brown ended the half.

The Rams kicked off to start the 2nd half and Brown kicked a perfect onsides kick, but the Rams couldn’t cover it. It rolled out of bounds and Tolono got it.

Tolono broke another big run for 45 yards. Josh Hicks threw the Rockets for a loss, but two plays later Tolono scored from 10 yards out to go up 30-0 with 9:56 in the 3rd.

Hatfield returned the ensuing kick-off to the Ram 26. Schwengel ran for a yard then threw to Wyatt Fox for seven. Schwengel scrambled for eight and the 1st down at the Ram 42.

Schwengel then hit Breeden, who fended off a defender and 58 yards for the score. Dylan Patch kicked the extra-point, but Tolono was called for offsides, so the kick didn’t count. On the re-try, the snap was high and the kick was blocked, 30-6. With 8:23 left in the 3rd .

Another onsides kick was fielded by Tolono. A ram horse collar penalty gave Tolono the ball at the Ram 29.

After a 1st down and a time-out, the Tolono QB broke the plane of the goal before he was thrown back, 36-6. The PAT was goof, 37-6 with 3:54 left in the 3rd .

Luke McConnell returned a short kick to the 29. Schwengel went to work, throwing to Breeden for 9 yards. Hatfield then broke free deep on the next play. He reached out caught the ball and kept his balance and ran 62 yards for a TD. The 2-point run failed for a 37-12 score with 3:29 left in the 3rd.

McConnell kicked a line drive ball through Tolono for a touchback. The Rams finally had Tolono starting at their own 20. But on the first play, Tolono broke through the line and raced 80 yards for the score. The kick was no good, but Tolono led 43-12 with 3:17 in the 3rd .

The two teams had scored three times in 37 seconds, in four plays from scrimmage.

Shelby started throwing short outs to Standerfer, stopping the clock and picking a 1st downs. Schwengel then hit Standerfer for a 22 yard pass play.

Tolono came after Schwengel and sacked him twice. The Rams also had a holding penalty. On 4th and 12 at the Tolono 43, Schwengel was sacked again. Tolono ball.

After a false start, The Tolono QB found a man down the middle for 46 yards. The QB loped free for 12 yards on the first play of the 4th period. The PAT was good and Tolono led 50-12 with 11:54 left in the game.

After Shelby took the kick-off, Schwengel hit Standerfer again for 10 yards and a 1st down at the 50. The Rams tenement 3 and out suffering another sack.

Tolono subs came in for the final 10 minutes and couldn’t score. The Ram forced a fumble recovered by Mitch Barna at their won 21.

The Rams went 3 and out. Tolono got the ball back with 1:30 to play, but couldn’t score.

After the game, Ram Coach Stan Wienke talked to the players.

“We’ve got a slim chance of making it (playoffs),” Coach Wienke said. “If we get a game, we gotta be ready for it. We hit O.K. tonight. When we were error free, we had a bounce in our step, and you saw what happened.”


Tolono 50, Shelbyville 12

Tolono 0-23-20-7--50

Shelby 0-0-12-0--12


2nd (9:46)-(T) Grace 8 yard run, PAT missed, 6-0

2nd (8:19)-(T) Payne 23 yd field goal, 9-0

2nd (7:17)-(T) Negangaard 50 yd run, PAT good, 16-0

2nd (:24)-(T) Ping fumble recovery, PAT good, 23-0

3rd (9:56)-(T) Grace 10 yd run, PAT good, 30-0

3rd (7:43)-(S) Schwengel to Breeden pass 58 yds, PAT blocked, 30-6

3rd (3:54)-(T) Deters 3 yd run, PAT good, 37-6

3rd (3:29)-(S) Schwengel to Hatfield 62 yd pass, run no good, 37-12

3rd (3:17)-(T) Deters 80 yd run, PAT missed, 43-12

4th (11:54)-(T) Deters 12 yd run, PAT good, 50-12

Ram stats: RUSHING- (-8) yards; Patch 1 for 5, Hatfield 3 for 1 yds, Brown 5 for 21 yds, Schwengell 12 for -17 yds; PASSING-Schwengel 19 for 36, 286 yds, 2 TDs, 1 INT; RECEIVING-Standerfer 8 for 63 yds; Breeden 4 for 86 yds (TD (58 yds); Hatfield 2 for 67 yds, TD (62 yds); McConnell 2 for 18 yds; Keown 2 for 16 yds; Fox 2 for 11 yds