Shelbyville Daily Union

October 23, 2012

Shelby Takes Pana The Distance Before Bowing

JOHN CURTIS - Daily Union Sports Editor

SHELBYVILLE, IL. — It was another Shelbyville v. Pana rivalry in the Shelbyville 2A  Volleyball Regional on Tuesday night. Pan was better on paper, but had not played as well recently. Shelby challenged, but still lost in three games, 25-21, 19-25, 19-25.

Pana had a 106 lead in game 1, but Shelbby started to chip away. Brandy Smith's kill was tipped an went out of bounds. Pana then bumper out. Pana killed, but Smith answered, 11-9. Schoonover swung for a Pana kill, but after a great rally with some great digs, Pana was called for under the net, a call that would become a big factor in the 3-game set.

With Pana up 13-10, Brooke Eisenbarth tip blocked for a Ram point. Eisenbarth then delivered a rocket kill. After a serviceerror, Eisenbarth came back again with a tip block. She was then set on the outside and delivered a kill down the middle of the Pana side to tie the game, 14-14.

Lindsery Eigsti was in the middle of serving a 5-point run. With Shelby up 16-4, Pana had to call time-out. Schoonover swung for a kill, but Eisenbarth responded to the back line. Alex Johnston then blocked a Pana shot and Shelby was up 20-15. At 20-17 Rams, Shelby called time.

At 20-18, Smith tipped for a kill. At 22-18 the Rams had a great dig, but then their block attempt fell out. At 23-19 Pana called time again. Maggie Bosgraaf served an Smith tipped to bring game point, 24-19.

Pana blocked for a score and tippedfor a score, 24-21. Then sophomore Madison Boone blasted a shot into a double block and it fell on the pana side, game over, 25-21 Shelby.

Game 2 was tied at 1-2 and 2-2.. ARam block fell out, then pana blocked a kill, and tipped for a point, 5-2. Pana blocked another shot to go up 6-3. They served an ace,then blocked another Ram shot, 8-3 Pana. Shelby called time-out.

Panatipped out and Taylor Wilcox tipped for Shelby. After a Ram service error, Wilcox killed of the net, then blocked a shot. Pana bumped out and it was a one point game, 10-9 Pana.

Shelby never could get over the hump from that point. Down 11-8, Smith killed eep and then blocked for a point, 11-10. At 12-11 Pana, Shelby missed a kill, then Pana served an ace. A net call made it 15-11.

Boone tipped for a point, but the ref called another under the net violation, 15-12. A Ram service error reared its ugly head again. At 17-12, there was an official time-out.

Eisenbarth thenblocked shot into a Pana player, 18-13.Pana tipped anno play was made to dig it by the Rams. A free ball kill gave Pana a 19-13 lead and brought a Ram time-out. Pana served an ace and went up 21-13.

Eigsti wentto the line after aPana service error and delivered an ace. Despite a pancakesave by hendryx, Pana got a kill, then another kill to go up 23-15.

Eisenbarth cooked up a BK Special for the kill and pana missed a shot, 23-17. Pana tipped to bring game point. Smith rocketed a ball that was returned another net call went against Pana.At 24-19, pana smoked an ace for the game.

In game 3, Boone smashed a free ball for a 3-2 lead. Pana blocked a shot, then Eisenbarth's swing brought a Pana lift. Eisemnbarth hit a sensational cross-court kille to go up 5-3.

Then Pana tippedfor a point and served an ace, 5-5. Once again, Pana got a slim lead and never relinquished it.

They went up 7-5, before another net call.Wilcox killed to make it 8-7 Pana.Pana went up 11-8 before Smith swung for a kill. At 13-10, Eisenbarth rocketed a shot that came back and Boone tipped it for the point, 13-11.

Eisenbarth hit another BK Whopper to make it 14-12 Pana. Wilcox then made it two kills in a row for the Rams, making it 14-13 Pana and nringin a Panther time-out.

Schoonover killed after the time-out, then pana served an ace and Shelby missed a shot. Down 17-13, Shelby called time. Pana served another ace, before Eisenbarth tipped for a point and served up an ace, 18-15.

Schoonover kille off the net then swung for another kill, 20-15.Smith tipped for a point, but Pana answered with their own tip. Boone shot a kill, but Pana killed away from a Boone block to lead 22-17 and bring a Ram time-out.

Pana missed a kill, then another kill. It would havebeen 22-19, but the ref made another late under the net call, 23-19 Pana.

At 24-18, Boone blocked a shot and it came back, so Boone delivered the kill shot, 24-19.

On a Pana tip shotnear the net and near the out bounds line, Rachel Fox got the dig, but nobody could take it from there and the ball hit the floor, giving Pana the game and match.

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