Shelbyville Daily Union

September 25, 2013

Shelby Pitchers Shine At Autumn


SHELBYVILLE, IL. — Shelbyville Horseshoe Club pitchers were among the champs at the Annual Shelby Autumn tournament. 

Shelby pitchers won three of the six singles classes, won Class A doubles and were involved on both sides of a playoff in Class B doubles.

Class A singles (30 feet) was won by SHC pitcher George Huntington, the champion of his class at the World Tourney. Class D singles was won by SHC pitcher Rich Galvin, followed by SHC's George Mose in 2nd.

Class E was also won by an SHC pitcher, charter member Pete Rankin. SHC's Brad Phegley took 4th.

Class A Doubles was won by Huntington and Dale Westendorf, both SHC pitchers. In Class B doubles, Geroge Mose was half of the winning team, that won a playoff against SHC pitcher Dorothy Hack and her partner. Even in Class C doubles, two SHC pitchers, Nick Galvin and Jon Galvin, claimed 2nd.

The Annual Autumn successes followed a Thursday night weekly free-for-all at SHC, won by George Huntington (Class A) and Roy Franklin (Class B).

Class A: 1. George Huntingon 7-0, 2. Dale Westendorf 5-2, 52 points; 3. Lloyd Ruff 5-2, 19 points; 4. Brandon Stephens 3-4, 59 points; 5. Carroll Rhodes 2-5, 75 points; 6. Rich Galvin 2-5, 63 points; 7. Lloyd Allen 0-7, 59 points

Class B: 1. Roy Franklin 5-2, 16 points; 2. Dorothy Hack 4-3, 65 points; 3. Patty Doty 4-3, 46 points; 4. Shelly Weber 3-4, 67 points; 5. John Galvin 3-4, 39 points