Shelbyville Daily Union

September 15, 2013

Rams, St. Anthony Win Big At Trail Invite

JOHN CURTIS - Daily Union Sports Editor

SHELBYVILLE, IL. — Shelbyville boys and St. Anthony girls won the team titles at thw Shelby Trail Invite on Saturday, but individual achievements were a big part of the story as well.

Three, almost four runners broke the course records. The only two Shelby girls to run, Molly Yockey and Morgan Powers, finished 2nd and 3rd, overall.

"Molly was about 30 seconds slower than last year, but she is coming off of mono last winter and some injuries," said Ram coach Kevin Karmer. "She is training hard and has a great attitude.  I expect to have her running back to full speed by end of season."

Yockey ran a 19: 25. Powers ran a 19:28.


"Morgan is really running well," Coach Kramer said. "Over two minute improvement from last year.  She can be as good as she wants.  Struggling with pace right now, but getting better."

They were behind the reigning IESA 3-time champion, Anna Sophie Keller. Keller broke the course record and led St. Anthony to the girls team win.

Corbin Kakac of Fairfield and Andrew Sharp of Altamont broke the boys record and Drennian Martin of Shelbyville almost broke it as he led the Rams to the boys team win.

"Every boy beat his previous best time on the course and many had personal bests," Coach Kramer said. "Really working on pacing right now and kids are starting to see the benefit.  Drennian, even though he got third, just missed the course record of 15:50, from last year by Alex Matlock."

Marcus Skinner was the 2nd Ram across and Kenton Wilson the 3rd.

"Marcus a little bit of sore back but still cut over thirty seconds from last year," Kramer said. "Kenton had a great race.  He didn't run as well as I had hoped last week. He ran good, but I thought he would be closer to our top guys and he was today." 


The younger guys, Tyler Passley and Preston Henze really stepped up as Jaden Stockdale was out for the race.

"Tyler Pasley and Preston Henze really ran well today," Coach Kramer said. "Both their paces were great and they finished strong.  Our split was only 1:31 compard to 1:45 last week, even running without Jaden. So, those two got it done today for us. The same can be said of Jordan Sieger. Jordan ran under 19:00. He just keeps getting better."

Shelby had one of their girls out, nursing a minor strain and another JV runner competed.

"On girls side, Maggy Yockey is out with calf strain," Coach Kramer said. "Hope to get her back next week or week after. Alexis Woods came out to help us get a full team.  Still need one more.  Alexis only has a couple of practices in so will take some time."

Erik Bowers of Shelbyville added one more kudo to the event, winning the boys open race, while Ashlynd Risley of Sullivan-Okaw Valley won the girls open race.

"In JV race, it was  great to see Erik Bowers with the win," Kramer said. "He is starting to come on for us. He has put himself in postition to be a major contributor by next season or maybe even this year." 

The rest of the young running Rams performed well.

"Our young freshman and sophomores continue to impress me, Coach Kramer said. "Josh Bernson, Drake Manship, Seth Durbin, and Isaak Spain continue to run times that as freshman are faster than most of our seniors from last years 3rd place state team ran as freshman. They have a chance to be really good if they keep on working hard and are dedicated.

"Nick Shaw just started running xc last year and cut over two minutes, so he could be a factor in the future also.  We kept Jaden out with a sore quadricep and he may even miss another week. We want to make sure he is healed for end of the year.  Hunter Plummer is still out also with an injury and we look for him to come back in a couple of weeks."


The Rams will have a tough meet next Saturday in Tuscola.   "Monticello is ranked #1 in girls and probably will be for the boys," Kramer said. "Both  won a big invitational in Peoria.  Unity boys are also a top three team. We will probably be working on pace again with Jaden out."

Shelby Trail Invite

Girls Team Scores: 1. St. Anthony 45, 2. Cumberland 54, 3. SOV 86, 4. Neoga 98, 5. Marshal 109, 6. Central A&M 135, 7. Fairfield 156

Shelby, CAM, ST. A, SOV, Neoga girls results: 1. Keller (SA) 16:55, 2. Yockey (SH) 19:25, 3. Powers (SH) 19:28, 5. (T3) Carson Fonner (SA) 20:02, 6. (T4) Salena Sloan (CAM) 20:11, 11. (T9) Maddie Butler (NEO) 21:23, 12. (T10) Elizabeth Falconburg (SA) 21:38, 13. (T11) Brittany Deters (NEO) 21:48, 16. (T13) Carlin Nuzzo (SOV) 22;12, 17. (14) Holly Lamb (SOV) 22:20, 18. (T15) Sarah Wortman (SA) 22;28, 19. (T16) Rachel Wortman (SA) 22:38), 21. (T18) Bailee Pratt (SOV) 22:42, 23. (T20) Annie Hogan (SOV) 22:58, 24. (T21) Mollie Bowman (SOV) 23:03, 25. (T22) Amanda McClain (SOV) 23:06, 26. (T23) Cadisen Nuzzo (SOV) 23:09 , 27. T24) Maddie Gibson (NEO) 23:18, 28. (T25) Taylor Baker (NEO) 23:46, 29. (T26) Abbie Collins (CAM) 23:52, 34. (T29) Rachel Ewing (NEO) 24;24, 37. (T32) Taylor Rich (NEO) 25:06, 38. (T33) Ellie Buening (NEO) 25:11,  39. (T34) Rylee Wildt (CAM) 25:22, 40. (T35) Kaylam Schinzler (CAM) 25:27, 44. (T36) Lauren Schinzler (CAM) 26:53, 46. (T38) Allison Spraul 28:25

Girls Open

Shelby, SOV, ST. A, CAM, Neoga results: 1. Risley (SOV) 22:04, 2. Alyssa Marshall (SOV) 23:09, 3. Drew Lehman (SOV) 23;28, 4. Tori Murphy (SOV) 23:56, 5. Kennedy Lucas (SOV) 24:13, 6. Maggie Plank (SOV) 24:26, 7. Mackenzie Mosier (SOV) 24:36, 8. Kyndall Andrews (NEO) 24:57, 9. Charlie Emel (SOV) 26:02, 10. Cheyenne Howald (NEO) 27:01, 11. Maddie Morrison (NEO) 27:20, 12. Allison Miller (SOV) 27:29, 13. Abby Elzy (SOV) 27:30, 14. Mackenzie Rubbert (SOV) 27:45, 15. Natalie Burrell (NEO) 27:49, 16. Hunter Krampe (NEO) 28:32, 17. Alexis Woods (SH) 29:29, 18. Heidi Clements (SOV) 29:32, 19. Grace Mauck (SOV) 30;51, 20. Tori Floyd (SOV) 32:33, 21. Kelsy Beard (NEO) 33:08, 22. Baily Banning (NEO) 33:43

Boys Team Scores: 1. Shelbyville 36, 2. Fairfield 70, 3. Altamont 85, 4. Marshall 93, 5. Cumberland 127, 6. SOV 129, 7. Neoga 130, 8. Dieterich 200, 9. Central A&M 255

Shelby, SOV, NEO, CAM individual results:1. Kakac (F) 15:38, 2. Sharp (ALT) 15:44, 3. Martin (SH) 15:58, 4. Tye Sutherland (Cumb) 16:11, 5. Marcus Skinner (SH) 16:11, 7 (T6) Kenton Wilson (SH) 16:24, 9. (T8) Ryan Evans (NEO) 17:00, 10. (T9) Tyler Pasley (SH) 17:10, 14. (T13) Preston Henze (SH) 17:31, 15. (T14) Ethan Lehman (SOV) 19. (T18) Jordan Sieger (SH) 17:48, 22. (T21) Alex Harvey 18:02, 23. (T22) Clayton Waldhoff (SOV) 18:04, 25. (T24) Anthony Mia (NEO) 18:33, 28. (T27) Justin Deters (NEO)18:47, 30. (T29) Lance Woods (CAM) 18:52, 34 (T32) Ethan Walk (NEO) 19:08, 37. (T35) Brent Mauck (SOV) 19:23, 39. (T37) Shaun Cody (SOV) 19:34, 40. (T38) Evan Blakey (SOV) 20:08, 45. (T43) Adam White (SOV) 20:08,  53. (T51) Jared Cole (NEO) 20:39, 55. (T52) Jesse Holt (NEO) 20:46, 56. (T53) David Meyers (CAM) 21:02, 60. (T56) Ashton Ludwig (CAM) 23;21, 62(T58) Zaylon Coultas (CAM) 25;28, 63. (T59) Zach Bond (CAM) 29:53

Boys Open results: 1. Bowers (SH) 18:47, 2. JT Bland (SOV) 18:59, 3. Nicholas Cravatta (SOV) 19:32, 4. Josh Bernson (SH) 19:42, 5. River Edwards (SOV) 19:57, 6. Drake manship (SH) 19:59, 7. Seth Durbin (SH) 20:06, 8. Trevor Tarr (SOV) 20:14, 9. Patrick Hogan (SOV) 20;16, 10. Isaak Spain (SH) 20:17, 11. Keegan Kruckeberg (SOV) 20:17, 12. Drew Harris (SOV) 20:29, 13. Grant Kins (SOV) 20;42, 14. Jacob Cameron (SOV) 21:0115. Layne Mcmahon (SOV) 21:07, 19. Austin Schmohe (SOV) 22:02, 21. Sam Harshman (SOV) 22:14, 23. Nick Shaw (SH) 22:34, 24. Jordan Probst (NEO) 22:36, 26. Kolton Rose (SOV) 23:04, 27. Will Nolen (SOV) 23:08, 28. Noah Workman (SOV) 23:36, 31. Nicholas Brandenburg (NEO) 24:12, 34. Blake Ballinger (NEO) 24;43, 36. Brice King (SOV) 28:28