Shelbyville Daily Union

October 22, 2013

Ram highlights not enough

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — The Shelbyville Rams had some highlight plays on Senior Night, complete with a 56 yard pass on the first play from scrimmage and a punt return for a touchdown as the game ended. In-between Monticello scored 38 unanswered points and won 38-6.

Shelby burst out of the gate as Dylan Patch came out of the back field and Lucas Duckett hit him with a pass along the sideline. He caught it at the Monticello 30 and ran it to the 14. The Ram drive died in the red zone and Monty took on downs.

On the Sages first play from scrimmage, the big play bit the Rams again. The off tackle runner was almost untouched for 80 yards and a score. The 2-pt. run put Shelby behind with less than 2:00 gone in the game.

Shelby continued to move the ball after taking the kickoff. Another pass to Patch picked up a 1st down, then a pass to Luke McConnell moved the chains. A pass to Finley picked up yardage, but a fumble was recovered by teammate Caleb Cloe at the Monty 28.

Ram senior snapper Elliott Smithson was then injured on a run play and had to leave the game. A bad snap led to 4th and 10 and the resulting pass was incomplete. Monty took over on downs again.

The Sages moved the ball to the Shelby 41. They picked up another 1st down at the 29. Another off tackle play went for a 29-yard score with 3:32 remaining in the 1st, 14-0.

The Rams picked up a 1st down on their next possessionon a Tice Robinson run. Once again, the drive stalled and Wyatt Fox had to punt. His towerin kick went 42 yards and put Monty at their own 15.

The Shelby defense held them to 3 and out and forced a punt that Devin peterson almost blocked. A short kick gave Shelby the ball at the Monty 45.

After a loss of yardage, Monty started to blitz. A sack coughed up the ball and Monty was in business, again.

Jared Finley rushed the QB and smothered a pass attempt, knocking it to the ground. Monty came up with a big 4th play and got to the Ram 28.

They faced a 4th and 10 at the Rams 25 and converted again to the Ram 4. They ran it in on the next play for a 20-0 lead with 7:42 in the 2nd.

After the kickoff, Shelby moved the ball again for the third time out of four possessions.

Tyler Hendryx picked up a 1st down with an 18 yard end around. Duckett had to scramble and was hit out of bounds for a 15 yard penalty. A personal foul away from the play added another 15 yards and the Rams were back at the Monty 21.

A pass to McConnell across the middle picked up a 1st down at the Sage 12. Hendryx threw a halfback pass to McConnell in the end zone, but he couldn't put it away for the score.

The Rams were sacked again and faced 4th and 25. The Monty pressure stopped Shelby and Monty took over on downs with another Ram red zone melt down.

Finley had a defensive sack, but Monty still converted a 3rd and 12 for a 1st. They ran for 23 yards on the next play to the Shelby 33.

Even after a chop block penalty backed Monty up to the 43, another big play hurt Shelby, a 43 yard TD pass. With 1:00 left in the half, Monty was up 26-0.

Shelby had a minute to try to get on the board before the half. A pass yo Fox picked up 1st down at the Shelby 37. A pass across the middle was then picked off and returned 29 yards to the Ram 21 with 30 seconds in the half.

A 21-yard pass got the Sages their third score in the period and a 32-0 lead at the break.

Monty went 3 and out to start the 3rd and Finley returned the punt to the Shelby 46. Duckett had to scramble again and a fumble was returned by Monticello at the Shelby 30.

The Ram defense held as Bart Kennell's rush forced an incomplete pass. Shelby took over on downs, however, on the first play they fumbled the ball away, again.

They covered the 32 yards on four plays capped by a 13-yard run with 5:15 left in the 3rd, 38-0.

Shelby moved the ball again on the next possession, using a hard count to get Monty offsides and a 1st down on 4th and 1. A 13 yard pass to McConnell moved the chains again into Monty territory.

A blitz stopped Shelby on a 4th down conversion try, giving Monty the ball. The Shelby defense held again as the game went into 4th.

Monty blitzed again and the Rams had to punt. The Ram defense held again on 4th and 4. Shelby got the ball back, but another sack forced a punt, a 42 yarder by Fox.

Monty subs fueled the offense and the Rams stymied them. They forced a fumble and McConnell recovered it at the Sage 25.

Monty's #1 defense came in got another sack and Shelby faced 4th and 23. The ball was dropped on a pass and Shelby still hadn't scored with 2:27 left in the game. The back-up Sages went 3 and out and had to punt with time still on the clock.

Finley took the punt at the Ram 30 and ran up the right along the Sage's sideline. He cut accross the field at the Monty 30 and picked up one block. He beat the pursuit to the end zone with no time remaining for the first kick return score of the year for Shelbyville.

Shelby (3-5) finishes their season on Friday at Tolono.


Monticello 38, Shelbyville 6

Monty 14-18-6-0--38

Shelby 0-0-0-6--6


1st (10:04)-M 80 yd TD run, run good, 8-0

1st (3:32)-M 29 yd TD run, pass failed, 14-0

2nd (7:42)-M 4 yd TD run, kick failed, 20-0

2nd (1:00)-M 1:00 44 yd TD pass, run failed, 26-0

2nd (20.7)-M 21 yd pass, pass failed, 32-0

3rd (5:15)-M 13 yd TD run, run failed, 36-0

4th (0:00)-S 70 yd punt return, 38-6

Ram stats: OFFENSE 99 yards; RUSHING 28 for -26 yards; Hendryx 3 for 14 yds; Peterson 2 for 12 yards; Robinson 3 for 11 yards; Jackson 4 for 5 yards; Patch 4 for 1 yard; Duckett 12 for -69 yards; PASSING 125 yards; Duckett 11-for-20, 125 yards, INT, Fox 0 for 1; Hendryx 0-for-1; RECEIVING-Patch 2 for 64 yards; McConnell 3 for 40 yards; Fox 2 for 6 yards; Finley 1 for 6 yards; Jackson 1 for 4 yards; 1st DOWNS 10 (6 passing, 2 running, 2 penalties); TACKLES Hudson 12 (7/5); White 11 (6/5) 1 for loss (-4); Finley 10 (8/2) 2 for loss (-7, -1); Robinson 8 (6/2), 1 for loss (-5); Ulrich 6 (4/2), 1 for loss (-1); Ferguson 4 (3/1); Mudgette 4 (2/2), 1 for loss (-9); McConnell 4 (3/1); Jackson 3 (2/1); Cloe 2 (2/0); Fox 2 (0/2); Williams 2 (2/0); Houska 2 (1/1); Duckett 1 (1/0); Patch 1 (1/0); Kennell 1 (1/0); Peterson 1 (1/0); KICKOFFS Patch 1 for 38 yards; KICK RETURNS White 1 for 0; Robinson 3 for 61 yds; Finley 1 for 9 yds; Jackson 1 for 0; Hendryx 1 for 17 yds; PUNTS Fox 3 for 117 yds; PUNT RETURNS Finley 2 for 81 yds, TD; FUMBLE RETURNS McConnell 1 for 0 yds; PENALTIES 2 for 10 yards