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July 30, 2013

Rhodes rolls to SHC win

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Carroll Rhodes took the weekly Shelbyville Horseshoe Club tournament a few weeks ago and he was back atop the Class A leader board last Thursday at SHC.

Rhodes finished at 6-1 and took the the title based on the strength of a head-to-head battle royale wins last week’s winner Rich Galvin, consistent SHC contender Llody Allen, and frequent SHC champ Lloyd Ruff.

Rhodes and Galvin dominated in rouned 1, winning 30-13, then came the first test in round 2. Rhodes and young gun Jon Galvin faced Rich Galvin and Dave Stone. Rhodes and Jon Galvin eked out a 30-28 victory.

There was no rest for the weary in the next round. Rhodes and Ruff went up against Allen and Stone. Double Rs tipped the scales in that round, winning 30-26.

The pressure on Rhodes continued in round 4, the hump round of the 7 round night. Rhodes and Allen stared down the barrel of Ruff and Stone. Once again, Rhodes prevailed by a slim margin, winning 30-26.

That gave Rhodes wins over Ruff, who took 2nd place, Rich Galvin, who placed 3rd, and Allen, who was in a shootout for 4th and finished 5th.

The pressure eased on Rhodes in round 5, except he pitched solo against Dorothy Hack and Stone. Rhodes was groovin’, winning going away, 30-8. But, “he who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.” Round 6 was the spoiler.

Rhodes and Stone faced Hack, who placed 5th at the Danville Open recently. Hack played the spoiler, single-handedly taking down the previously undefeated Rhodes and his partner, Stone, 30-17. Hack turned it up a notch in the match and the win helped push her past Allen for 4th place.

In the final round of the night, Rhodes was sitting at 5-1. Ruff was 4-2. Rich Galvin was 3-3. If Rhodes won round 7 he would clinch the title. Ruff and Galvin were partners and they could push Ruff past Rhodes for the title, if they won and Rhodes lost.

Rhodes didn’t lose. He and Hack teamed up against Stone and it was a cake walk, as they won, 30-9, clinching Rhodes second weekly win of the summer.

The chips didn’t fall Ruff’s way this week as he dropped two close matches, both 30-26. Lloyd Allen went solo against Ruff and Hack in the first round of the night and Allen threw a monkey wrench into Ruff and Hack’s night by the early defeat. Neverheless, Ruff claimed second at 5-2 with 52 points in those two losses.

Last week’s winner Rich Galvin settled for 3rd, despite going 4-3 and 66 points in losses. Hack nipped Allen for 4th by a point. Hack went 3-4, including the upset over Rhodes, with 62 points in losses. Allen was also 3-4, but had 61 points in loss. Hack and Allen both had losses of 30-26 and 30-21 and 30-7. In the other losses, Hack lost 30-8 and Allen 30-7, giving Hack the one point edge for 4th.

It was a busy night at SHC as their were two full classes. There were seven pitchers in Class A and another six in Class B.

Class B was won by Patty Doty, last week’s Class A 3rd place finisher. Doty scored a perfect 5-0 record. She won, 21-17 over Roy Franklin in a tough match out of the gate. Doty and Mike Stone beat Franklin and Debbie Spellman in round 2, 21-14. Doty and Shelly Weber were challenged in round 3 by Franklin and SHC charter member Pete Rankin, winning 21-17.

Doty was over the hump after round 3. She coasted to 21-10 and 21-8 wins to dominated the Class B field.

Newcomer Debbie Spellman finished the night with a 3-2 record to claim 2nd. Franklin and two other pitchers vied for 3rd at 2-3. Franklin’s two close matches against Doty pushed him over the top. Franklin had 48 points in his losses. Mike Stone was 4th with 43 points in loss and Rankin followed with 35 points in loss. Rankin started strong winning the first two matches of the night, but faded. Franklin started with three losses, but finished strong.

The Shelbyville Horseshoe Club pitches weekly tournaments every Thursday night beginning about 7 p.m. at their courts across the railroad tracks from the corner of North 12th Street and North Morgan in Shelbyville. Local guests and visitors to Lake Shelbyville are welcome.


SHC Weekly Tourney

Class A: 1. Carroll Rhodes 6-1, 17 points; 2. Lloyd Ruff 5-2, 52 points, 3. Rich Galvin 4-3, 66 points; 4. Dorothy Hack 3-4, 62 points; 5. Lloyd Allen 3-4, 61 points; 6. Jon Galvin 2-5, 75 points; 7. Dave Stone 0-7, 11 points.

Class B: 1. Patty Doty 5-0; 2. Debbie Spellman 3-2, 25 points; 3. Roy Franklin 2-3, 48 points; 4. Mike Stone 2-3, 43 points; 5. Pete Rankin 2-3, 35 points; 6. Shelly Weber 1-4, 38 points.