Shelbyville Daily Union

December 10, 2012

Shelbyville 7 and 7 At PORTA

JOHN CURTIS - Daily Union Sports Editor

SHELBYVILLE, IL. — Shelbyville (ranked 20th in the state) placed seven wrestlers at the PORTA tourney and placed 7th as a team out of 25 teams with 140 points, despite giving up three weight classes. The Rams took home two runner-ups, one 3rd, one 4th, one 5th, a 6th, and a 7th place.

“I was happy with how we did,” said Ram coach Greg Harkins. “Anytime that we bring home that many medals it is a good tournament. It was by far the toughest PORTA tournament I’ve seen. Any other year we walk away with it. But there were so many ranked wrestlers and ranked teams this year. But, that’s O.K. We need that competition.”

Litchfield got the big prize, scoring 225 points. with three 1sts, three 2nds, and three 3rds. Prairie Central (208) and Argenta (184.5) followed in 2nd and 3rd. Shelby finished just 12 points behind 6th place PORTA and 15 points behind 5th place Lincoln. Cumberland finished behind Shelbyville in 8th with 116 points.

Sophomore Wyatt Fox and freshman Garrett Brachbill both claimed runner-up honors.

Freshman Zach Stirrett (106) lost his opening match against freshman Noah Mays of Auburn, 10-0. He then won in wrestlebacks, beating sophomore Kyle Langley of Robinson by a pin (1:22). He lost to senior Tim White of Beardstown, who finished 7th, by a fall (2:43). Stirrett started the day 5-0 and finish 6-2.

Freshman Garrett Brachbill (113) opened the tourney pinning junior Rafael Gayon of Farmington (2:26), then stuck Griffin Willis of PORTA (2:40). Brachbill then won a gut-check match against Justin Kinney of Monmouth, 8-7. Brachbill eneterd the title match against top-seeded senior Antonio Quintana (11-1) of Beardstown and took a fall (3:33).

Sophomore Trey Wade (120) lost to senior John Donovan of Dee-Mack by fall (:24), then lost to Josh Brandenburg of Cumberland by fall (3:33).

Sophomore Jared Finley (132) defeated junior John Pope of Pittsfield by fall (:50), then decisioned Paul Garcia of Prairie Central, 11-6. In the semifinal, Finley lost to Seth Newkirk of Litchfield in a close decision, 5-3.

Finley went to wrestle backs and shut out senior Andrew Gallagher of Robinson, 4-0. In the 3rd place match, Finley lost to senior Kylan Brant of Havana, 7-1. Finley started the day 3-0 and finished 6-2.

Sophomore Wyatt Fox (138) beat junior Zak Kemper of Mid-West, 8-0, then decisioned senior Mark Breedlove of Kewanee, 6-3. In the semifinal, Fox shut out junior Martin Orduno of Beardstown, 7-0. In the title bout, senior Ben Traub of Prairie Central by a major decision, 9-1. Fox started the day 4-1 and finished 7-2.

Sophomore Adam Hudson (145) beat Cole Denning of Hillsboro by fall (5:02), but lost to Luke Koning of Lincoln by major decision, 17-5. Hudson then lost in wrestlebacks to Brett Meyer of Mid-West by fall (:31).

Sophomore Lucas Duckett (152) beat freshman Rylan Schaller of Camp Point by fall (2:18), then beat senior Dalton Davidson of Litchfield by decision, 5-2. In the semifinal, Duckett lost to senior David Acosta of Breadstown, 5-2.

Duckett lost in wrestlebacks to sophomore Sam Schuler of Prairie Central, 5-2, then went to the 5th place match. Duckett beat junior Lane McIntyre of Monmouth, 10-4. Duckett came in 4-1 and finished the day 7-3.

Senior Josh Hicks (170) beat junior Sam Tiffany of Lincoln by fall (1:52), then lost to junior Cole Blankenship of Litchfield by a narrow 1-0 decision. Hicks went to wrestlebacks and beat sophomore Tate Manka of Riverton by fall (2:45), then beat freshman Jack Breedlove of Kewanee by fall (2:33). He went to the 3rd place match and faced Blankenship again. This time Hicks beat him in a close 3-1 decision. He began Saturday 4-1 and finished 8-2.

Sophomore Mike Ulrich (195) lost to Jacob Weiss of Riverton by fall (1:29). He went to wrestlebacks and beat Steven Smythe of A/C PORTA by fall (1:23). He then lost to Alex Rhoda of Prairie Central by fall (3:12).

Sophmore Zak Isaacs (220) (4-1) lost to senior Austin Rossiter of Camp Point by fall (3:50), then wrestled his way back to place 7th. He beat junior Aaron Buford of Mid-West by fall (:46), then freshman James Hunt of Kewanee by fall (:55), then senior Geofffrey Harrison of Robinson in the 7th place match, 6-5. Isaacs was 4-1 to start the day and finished 7-2.

Junior Elliott Smithson (285) (4-0) beat Skylar Finin of Kewanee by fall in just 9 seconds, but lost to junior Lucas Dively of Camp Point by fall (1:4).

In wrestlebacks, Smithson beat senior Serpetie of Dee-Mack by fall (:43), then beat junior Wyatt Robinson of PORTA by fall (5:12), before losing to senior Michael Behrends of Warrensburg by fall (1:30). In the 5th place match, Smithson faced Dively again and lost again by default to take 6th. Smithson began 4-0 and finished 7-3.


PORTA Tourney Team scores: 1. Litchfield 225, 2. Prairie Central 208, 3. Argenta 184.5, 4. Beardstown 168.5, 5. Lincoln 155, 6. PORTA 152, 7. Shelbyville 140, 8. Cumberland 116, 14, Robinson 84, 15, Mt. Olive 67, 16. Warrensburg 57.5, 21. Hillsboro 34

106- Stirrett (S) lost to Mays (AU), 10-0; beat Langley (ROB) by pin (1:22); lost to White (Btown) by fall (2:43)

113-2. Brachbill (S) beat Gayon (FARM) by pin (2:26); beat Willis (PORTA) by pin (2:40); beat Kinney (MON), 8-7; lost to Quintana (Btown) by pin (3:33).

120-Wade (S) lost to Donovan (DeeMack) by fall (:44); lost to Brandenburg (C-LAND) by fall (3:13)


132-4. Finley (S) beat Pope (PITTS) by fall (:50); beat Garcia (P-C), 11-6; lost to Newkirk (LITCH), 5-3; beat Gallagher (ROB), 4-0; lost to Brant (HAV), 7-1.

138-2. Fox (S) beat Kemper (M-W), 8-0; beat Breedlove (KEW), 6-3; beat Orduno (BTOWN), 7-0; lost to Traub (PC), 9-1

145-Hudson (S) beat Denning (HILLS) by fall (5:02); lost to Koning (LIN), 17-5; lost to Meyer (M-W) by fall (:31).

152-5. Duckett (S) beat Schaller (CP) by fall (2:18); beat Davidson (LITCH), 5-2; lost to Acosta (Btown), 5-2; lost to Schuler (PC), 6-2; def. McIntyre (MON), 10-4


170-Jo. Hicks (S) def. Tiffany (LIN) by fall (1:52); lost to Blankenship (LITCH), 1-0; def. Manka (RVTN) by fall (2:45); beat J. Breedlove (KEW) by fall (2:33), beat Blankship (LITCH), 3-1.


195-Ulrich (S) lost to Weiss (RVT) by fall (1:29); def. Smythe A/C PORTA by fall (1:23); lost to Rhoda (PC) by fall (3:12)

220-7. Z. Isaacs (S) lost to Rossiter (CP) by fall (3:50); def. Buford (M-W) by fall (:46); def. Hunt (KEW) by fall (:55); def. Harrison (ROB), 6-5.

285-6. Smithson (S) def. Serpetie (D-M) by fall (:43); def. Finin (KEW) by fall (:09); lost to Dively (CP) by fall (1:44); def. Robinson (PORTA) by fall (5:12); lost to Behrends (WL) by fall (1:30); lost to Dively (CP) by default