Shelbyville Daily Union

November 26, 2013

Sewer report tops city council meeting

Valorie Eversole Daily Union Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — An inspection of the city’s sewer system yielded a good report but also recommended some actions.

Steve Bainbridge of BGM Engineers reported to the Shelbyville City Council last week that the 5-year discharge permit was approved with conditions to reduce combined sewer overflows and improve the water overall.

Bainbridge said that new pumps were needed at the lift station lagoon and that physical construction could begin this summer.

“They (EPA) did give you a timeline. It’s better to stay ahead of it,” he said.

The current combined system includes both the sanitary and storm sewers.

“If everything were being built today, you’d have separate sewers,” Bainbridge said.

“The EPA wants to see you plan to prevent overflows. Currently you have tanks and then overflow to creeks,” he continued.

Bainbridge advised that the city currently has permits through the first quarter of the year and that construction permits are good for a year and are renewable. Engineering costs would be $35,000, but the amount on the construction project cannot be determined at this time.

When questioned about grants for the project, Bainbridge told the board that the EPA has a revolving loan program with 20-year loans at less than 3 percent interest.

The council approved BGM Engineering to draw plans for the replacement of the lift station pumps.

Commissioner Gib Smart told the council that there is some potential liability issues with the workers in the Sunken Garden in Forest Park. He suggested appointing the Friends of the Sunken Garden as a city committee so they could be covered under the city’s insurance.

“It wouldn’t cost the city any money to do that,” Smart added.

The committee would be designated by the city to work in the Sunken Garden under the name Sunken Garden Improvement Committee.

The council approved making them a city committee.

Smart also reported that the Friends of the Sunken Garden has finished the walkway around the inside of the garden and that the concrete ramp should be finished next spring. He also reported that the Garfield Willis estate will set a bench in his memory between the pool and the playground area in Forest Park.

Commissioner Thom Schafer said that under the Safe Routes to School program the sidewalks leading to Moulton Middle School will be looked at for repair work and a traffic study will be done as part of a grant application.

“We will need at a later time a letter of support from the city,” Schafer said.

In a follow up from the November 4 council meeting, city attorney Jack Kiley reported that he contacted the owner of the burned building on North Morgan Street, Barry Evans. Evans said that he would be looking to sell the building if he is not able to fix it up.

Kiley reported that a title search on the dilapidated Lidster Hotel yielded a holder, Portage 526 Corporation, in Akron, Ohio. A letter will be sent to the corporation.