Shelbyville Daily Union

March 7, 2014

City Council targets dilapidated building owners

Valorie Eversole Daily Union Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — The Shelbyville City Council is targeting property owners to renovate or demolish buildings that have become uninhabitable.

In discussing buildings, such as the Lidster Hotel and the burned building in the 100 block of North Morgan, Commissioner Gib Smart noted that there were other residences that need action.

“When you drive down Main Street and see a building like the one across from Druby’s, it doesn’t leave a good impression,” Smart said. “Some of these houses - something need to be done or fine them (property owners).”

The council discussed giving property owners a timeline to present a plan and to begin work in good faith of completion. If the property owner does not comply, the city could take over the property. If renovation would cost more than the value of the building, it can be condemned. The city could then demolish the building and sell the lot.

Shelbyville Police Chief David Tallman recommended that the city buy a good used trackhoe and have the city workers tear the buildings down.

“You would have to have an inspector file an affidavit on the condition of the building. Ultimately they (property owners) are on the hook for repairs or demolition,” said City Attorney Jack Kiley.

Kiley told the council that he has been in contact with the owner of the Lidster Hotel and was told that the owner promised he would have the building secured in some way. Mayor Jeff Johnson told the council that the owner of the burned out building on Morgan has contractors ready to work, but the weather has been a factor.

“I told him of we are concerned about the downtown area. The longer the building stands, the more it becomes unsafe,” Johnson said.

Smart asked for a schedule of the work to be done on that building to insure that work is being done.

“He’s had a year and he’s done nothing. I’m not feeling too generous about that situation,” Smart said.

Johnson said he would ask the owner for a schedule of work to be done by June 1.

Commissioner Thom Schafer reported that the buildings adjacent to the alley on the north side of the 100 block of East Main Street were showing some structural problems due to alley usage.

“I looked at it with some masons and there’s more problems than just just stucco coming off the buildings,” Schafer said. “I suggest that until we can get it fixed, we close the alley to traffic. According to the owner, the building has deteriorated more in the past 30 days.”

The council agreed to close the alleyway to traffic.

The council discussed the recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Commission concerning the zoning of proposed group homes as Residential 1 status. According to the recommendation by the Commission, the group homes fit the definition for a single family home. No action was taken at the meeting.

Police Chief David Tallman reported that an arrest was made in connection with recent vehicle burglaries, but people should continue to lock their vehicle doors.

In other action, the council approved:

- The appointment of Kelly Pasley as city treasurer

- The joint funding agreement and the construction engineering agreement for the East North 9th Street improvement project.