Shelbyville Daily Union

December 19, 2012

Tiny Tim Hunt 2 Clue 5


SHELBYVILLE, IL. — Tiny Tim Hunt 2 Clue 5

You’d better get searching! Just a few days to go!

It must be found, before Santa says “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

I checked it last night! It’s all quiet here!

The treasure looks lonely, with no others near!

It’s west of the candy canes, two stories high!

That sometimes wave and flash, when traffic goes by!

Not too far away, from a loose bovine’s route!

Figure out the clues, and you’ll find my loot!

On the seventh day of Christmas, Tiny Tim gave to me -

Seven letters label! Six days a week! Five Christmas trees!

Four blocks of Broadway! Three things the same!

Two blocks of Main! And a five hundred dollar shopping spree!