Six college bound students from the 109th District will receive General Assembly Scholarships to help defray their education costs for the upcoming school year, State Representative Roger Eddy announced today.

Under the General Assembly Scholarship Program, Representative Eddy may award up to eight one-year scholarships each year to students attending or planning to attend a state college or university. All applicants are evaluated and the recipients are chosen by an independent Scholarship Advisory Committee on the basis of academic achievement, participation in civic and extra curricular activities and relative financial need.

This year’s scholarship recipients are:

· Katelyn Pippin of Robinson, Illinois who will be a Junior at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston;

· Richelle Coulter of Annapolis, Illinois who plans to attend Eastern Illinois University;

· Molly A. Bourland of Shumway, Illinois who plans to attend the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign;

· Brandon D.Coop of Lawrenceville, Illinois who plans to attend University of Illinois;

· William L. Baber of Paris, Illinois who plans to attend the Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and;

· Charles A. Schumacher of Sigel, Illinois who will be attending Southern Illinois School of Dentistry in Edwardsville, IL.

“Members of my scholarship committee had a very difficult job selecting just five recipients from the dozens of applications they reviewed, all from truly outstanding young people,” Eddy said. “I am very proud of all of them, and I am very glad for them and for their families that we can help defray the cost of their continuing education.”

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