A weekly special event will be made even more special on Tuesday, August 1, when a Civil War era brass band presents a concert before the summer flag lowering and retreat ceremony at Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site.

The 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band, an authentic re-enactment of an actual Civil War band from Normal, IL, will perform from 6-7 p.m, August 1, at Lincoln Tomb. The flag lowering and retreat ceremony, held every Tuesday night during the summer, will follow from 7 to 7:25 p.m., and the Tomb will remain open for visitors until 8 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.

By the 1850s, there were one or more brass bands in every village across America. The Civil War came along at the peak of popularity of these local brass bands, and early in the Civil War, almost every unit had a brass band or a fife and drum corps to entertain the soldiers and aid in recruiting.

The 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment, the “Teacher’s Regiment,” was composed largely of teachers and students from Illinois State Normal University. The unit took part in the Mississippi Valley campaign, distinguishing itself at the Battle of Vicksburg, MS. The 33rd was re-created in 1996 by central Illinois musicians. The unit wears original style uniforms and plays popular music of the era on period instruments.

Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site, administered by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, is located in Springfield’s Oak Ridge Cemetery.

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