Life sometimes takes you full circle.

When I moved to Shelbyville 28 years ago, I was fresh out of college and newly married. I knew just a small handful of people. And, much to my college advisor’s surprise, I got a job in my major where I was going. Everything was going great.

I began my journalism career at the Daily Union under the ownership of George and Frances Frazier. And I was certainly “green.”

In that year I learned my way around the county, including finding the small communities of Mode and Fancher. I learned about Lake Shelbyville and some of the history of the area with the help of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and historian June McCain. Stories came easily as I interviewed people with unusual interests, such as a doll collector and repairer in Tower Hill and a couple of Civil War re-enactors from the Findlay area. (They even owned a cannon.) I got to cover a bank robbery trial – the first of two major events in the county that year.

At that time reporters were also involved in several aspects of putting out the newspaper. Stories were typed up on typewriters and later onto video display terminals that would translate our copy into justified column width. After lunch we would paste up the pages to prepare for printing on our own press downstairs. We would even stuff our own papers.

My time at the Daily Union then was short-lived, but deep-down I knew that someday I would return. In the years that followed I raised three children and worked part time as a substitute teacher throughout the county. When my children were older, I began working full time in another business in Shelbyville.

In 2001 the Daily Union advertised for correspondents – people who could attend meetings and write features outside of the regular newspaper’s business hours. I became one of those correspondents and continued writing during the past five years. It rewet my desire to be a reporter again.

A few times during the past five years I have run into George Frazier. He would smile and ask, “Are you having fun? It’s important that you have fun.” I assured him I was enjoying writing again.

Recently my full time job ended and the opportunity opened for me to become a full time reporter again. So here I am -- a little older and, hopefully, a little wiser.

Things have changed technically in the business, but the basics of reporting never change. No day is a clone of another. There is a new generation of interesting people in Shelby County. There are events and interesting people that you as readers know about. These are the stories I want to write about.

We at the Daily Union will miss Amanda England. She is moving on to another phase of her life and we wish her and her family the best.

My life has brought me full circle in my career.

And yes, George, I’m having fun!

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