Christian musical artist Carman coming to Shelby Christian on March 7.

Carman is coming to Shelbyville to the Shelby Christian Church on March 7 at 7 p.m. Admission is free, with “Early Seating” available for $25.

Carman, with over 10 million record sales, 15 Gold and Platinum CD’s and video’s, Carman remains till this day, Gospel Music’s only Stadium act.

Carman holds the world’s record for the largest solo concerts; outdoors 80,000 and 71,132 indoors.

He’s collected the most names of any American citizen in U.S. History on a petition for prayer in public schools with over one million signatures and he has seen over 1 million people won to Christ.

Carman, an Italian American, born in Trenton New Jersey, spent years in military school and originally set out to be a boxer. In 1976, his life course was changed at an Andrea Crouch concert and he began to write the songs that would forever after change generations of gospel song writers.

Carman defied description and consistently operated outside the box of Christian music with innovating new and fresh ways to present the message. With 35 music videos, he reinvented the genre of the visual arts in Christian music and dance as an art form within the church. His contributions to drama, dance and acting through the arts are historic.

He remains what is best described as a cultural phenomenon and a true American original. Call or text 217-343-4581.

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