The true life story of a hardened journalist bent on debunking Christianity is portrayed in the feature film, “The Case of Christ” to be shown this Sunday evening, December 8 at 5 p.m. at Cornerstone Community Fellowship in Shelbyville, free of charge.

The film stars Mike Vogel, Erika Christensen, Faye Dunaway and Robert Forster and follows an atheist journalist who looks to disprove his wife’s Christian faith.

In 1980, Lee Strobel is an award-winning journalist and investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune, who is married to Leslie. After getting a very special recognition, Lee and his family go out to celebrate with dinner, but their daughter Alison ends up choking from a piece of candy. One of the patrons, a nurse named Alfie, intervenes and successfully recovers Alison. Alfie credits the event to God’s will, which Leslie then takes to heart.

Lee decides to set out to find evidence that proves the resurrection of Jesus did not happen.A subplot involves Lee trying to investigate a cop-killing case. At first it looks like the convicted man is guilty and is an informant for a gang.

Popcorn, pop and other refreshments will also be available for free at the Cornerstone movie night.

Cornerstone Community Fellowship is located 1.2 mile east of Shelbyville on Rt 16, then 1.2 mile south on County Road 2100E, just past Circle Park Subdivision.

For more information on the movie night or Cornerstone Community Fellowship, call (217) 690-1165, look on Facebook at Cornerstone Community Fellowship or online at

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