Main Street & Kindergarten Center is equally dedicated to the development of our students Socially & Emotionally to Academically. The goal is that no student is more prepared for College or Career or LIFE than our students.

We believe humans are born with an inner primal instinct and inclination to explore, experiment and question. Imagine a toddler tasting everything or a two year-old touching everything within three feet of the floor. Kids like to play outside and watch their dad change the oil in the lawn mower. They want to learn. The role of the school is to capitalize on and intensify this; not kill it. We actively plan to make the learning relevant and connect to prior knowledge and interests of our students.

These students have been identified by teachers & peers for their Curiosity: “Desire to Learn.”

We want our students to have a desire to learn. There is nothing that someone else can learn that they can’t. Our hope is that they will find something they are passionate about and lead them to a fulfilling and productive career and life. “Be Nice; Work Hard.”

Ryan Scott is the principal of Main Street Elementary School & Kindergarten

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