Main Street School & Kindergarten Center acknowledges that the ideal school & vision is one in which there are strong student-leaders. We should use them in leadership roles. The students have a role in this school. We have to make sure they have strategies and know how to lead & have “the green light.”

May Leadership students were announced Tuesday, May 22 and identified with teacher & peer input. The May Leadership FOCUS was sponsored by McDonald’s of Shelbyville.

The 1st-3rd grade students were: (3rd) Johnny Kirkbride, Madilyn Ward, Braxton Williamson, Meiya Thompson; (2nd) Layton Murphy, Crista Arebalo, Bella Miller, Leah Shoaff; (1st) Hunter Taylor, Brenna Etter, Eden Mays, Addisyn Wallis, Hazel Atkins

The Kindergarten students were: Krue Kraus, Bristol Pittman, Owen Legg, Nadine Wallis, Jaxon Jones

We are a TEAM & we take care of each other! “Be Nice; Work Hard”

Ryan Scott is the principal of Main Street Elementary School & Kindergarten Center

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