New shows opening at Flourishes

Wheelwright Shop Tools, photo by Doug Bergeron

All visual art display areas are changed with new shows now available to the public. The opening reception for these works is Sunday, May 26 from 1-4 p.m. Many of the artists and teachers will be available to talk to those in attendance. Doug Bergeron is the featured artist in the Gallery, Shirley Buescher in the Library, Carol Kessler in the Theme Hall, and Jamie Rutherford joins Doug Bergeron and Carol Kessler in the Upper Lobby. The Beaux Art Ballroom is blessed with even more art by students as well. The works will be on display until August 10 during regular open hours or by appointment. If questions, please call 217-827-5690.

Doug Bergeron is an award-winning photographer from Mason City, Illinois. He declines the moniker of “artist” because his photography training is in photojournalism and his educational background is in electrical engineering and IT. For him, photography has always been a creative release from careers in high technology. His photojournalism training leads him to capturing images, or sequences of images, that tell stories and highlight people performing some activity. Doug’s typical images have a kinetic quality about them. The influence of his engineering world can also be seen in his work. He is often seeking out and capturing images of the engineered form, including architecture and machinery. But even within the engineered form, Doug prefers to put the spotlight on details found within, as opposed to simply a portrait of an object. His favorite art period is 1930’s Art Deco, which he describes as the perfect blending of art in the engineered form. His favorite photographers include Ed Weston because of Weston’s creative use of lighting and his emphasis of shape and detail, and most any street photographers.

Doug has been a member of galleries in Springfield and Decatur, and has exhibited at the David Strawn Gallery in Jacksonville. He has been invited to participate in art shows throughout Central Illinois and greater St Louis.

Doug currently teaches photography courses through Lincoln Land Community College’s Community Education program.

Shirley Buescher is known in the area by her watercolors, many being of flowers, but works in other subjects and media as well. Shirley lives in Pana, guided the Community Council for the Arts for many years, and is a member of the Illinois Art Gallery in Decatur. She has taught classes locally, is the organizer of the Tri-County Art Show during the Fair, has entered and won awards in many area shows, and has exhibited at Flourishes in the past.

Carol Kessler, owner of Flourishes, will again have her large paintings in the Theme Hall, mostly landscapes. They are in oil paint sticks, as she does not like to use a brush unless necessary. She is a member of two painting groups, Painted Ladies, Artists with a View and Fab 4 Plein Air Pastel Painters. She has been a longtime member of the Illinois Art Gallery (formerly Gallery 510) in Decatur and has entered and won awards at many area shows.

Two graduated art students of Mr. Mathis at Shelbyville High School will display their best works in the Ballroom alongside the work of 4th and 5th grade work that Mrs. Cole felt were exceptional, mostly being a pixel project. This is a treat to have both school groups since Flourishes does not usually have student work in the summer and until October or November during the school year.

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