Pfeiffer, Powers, Syfert, and Tilley Reunion gathered Aug. 4, 2019. Those attending were as follows: Darrell Powers, Joe and Darlene Helton, Noel Wagner, Doug and Wendy Powers, Keith Powers Jr., Martha Syfert Kensil, Cindy Johnson, Paul and Monica Johnson, John and Bonnie Powers, Carol Powers, Joe Kortte, Morgan Powers, Taylor Powers, Andy and Annie Hickman and children.

Darrell Powers took a prize for the most family members attending, Noel Wagner for the oldest. Keith Powers Jr., for the one that came the farthest – from Tennessee. Longest married were Joe and Darlene Helton, at 63 years. Morgan Powers and Emma Hickman won the closest guess of candy in the jar and Emma also won a brain teaser. Leo Hickman won the prize for the youngest.

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