Make history by exhibiting and/or demonstrating your art talent in the Shelby County Art Show 2020. History of the Show’s 54th year will begin when you register to enter your art created within the year from the last show in April 2019 using the registration form available, signing up to demonstrate/educate the public with your art talent with Bobbie at 774-3079, or viewing all that is available when open to the public on April 4th and 5th.

Viewing will include the show, the demonstrators and the work by historic artist Robert Marshall Root, a nationally known artist from Shelbyville. There will also be musicians both days at the Lake Shelbyville Visitor Center.

Shelby County Art Show began 54 years ago as the Shelby County Town and Country Art Show. The Town and Country Art Shows were sponsored by the Cooperative Extension Service and there were regional and state shows. It was originated to give the amateur artist a chance to exhibit his work and have an audience view it. Some of the goals were to encourage the amateur artist to use creative expression, broaden the cultural and educational background of the individual, to foster the growth and development of an individual’s interest in the arts, to increase public interest in visual art, to encourage and develop leadership for amateur art groups and to use professional critiques to encourage the individual artist to improve his skills and raise his standards.

June Horsman from Herrick was Chairman of the show for a few years until Katie West took it over and chaired the show 40+ years. Due to cutbacks in funds at the University of Illinois, the Extension Service turned the shows over to District Recreation programs.

Shelby County did not have a District Recreation Program, but the committee decided it wanted to continue the show. The Shelby County Homemakers Extension Association (now HCE) underwrote the show for the past many years. The show has been held in the Home Ec Building on the 4-H Fairgrounds most of the time, but has been held at the Chautauqua Building at Forest Park and at the Moweaqua Mall. Very soon it was realized that there was need to include junior exhibits. The junior show has always been a big asset to the show, with many teachers encouraging their students to participate. We now have space for the professional artist to show, too.

As Katie West stepped back from activities, Carol Kessler took on the leadership, with help from Valerie Gaddis and Dan Modzelewski and a great many volunteers. This year Caleb Mathis has been named as a co-director. For a number of years now, the show has been held at the Lake Shelbyville Visitor Center and become self-supporting, the Visitor Center being glad to host the show and the Shelby County Art Show committee being more than please to hold it in the facility.

See more online on Facebook- Shelby County Art Show 2020.

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