The Shelbyville math classes are hosting a Pi Day 5k on March 14, 2020 on the General Dacey Trails. Pi Day is important in the math world. Pi is the circumference divided by the diameter of a circle and is approximately 3.14. So we celebrate it on March 14th (3-14).

This year we are selling pie at the high school on Friday, March 13th with our annual assembly auctioning off students and faculty to get a pie in the face. On Saturday, we will have our 5k run with a twist. Instead of 3.1 miles, it will be 3.14 miles.

We would like to get the word out so that we can get more runners. Part of the money from the 5k will go to the Mathletes (entry fees) and the rest will be going to the auditorium renovation.

Contact Rachel Banfield, mathematics teacher Shelbyville High School, for more information.

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