On April 24, the Stew-Stras Area Seasoned Citizens met at noon for a potluck meal with desserts.

The meeting opened with Pledge of Allegiance and Jane Giertz said the prayer.

After the meal, Jane Giertz won the door prize. A tip of the day was given by Larry Giertz, plus a few jokes.

The speakers for the meeting were Hilary Hudson and her husband, Gabriel Healy, both members of the New York City Police Department. Hilary is the granddaughter of Jane and Larry Giertz. She has a master's degree in Criminal Justice and has been a member of the police department for seven years. She was promoted to detective in December of 2017 and then to sergeant in December of 2018. Hilary is supervisor of 12-14 police officers in Harlem. Gabriel has been on the police force for 17 years and he works out of the courthouse, moving prisoners to court and back to their cells. Both shared stories about cases they had to deal with and calls that were disturbing to them.

The couple is in the process of building a new home on 5.8 acres of land in Middletown, N.Y. Their visit was short, but they did tour the area with Jane and Larry and enjoyed all the trees in bloom and all the birds in the back yard at the Giertz home. Gabriel is looking forward to another visit and staying longer. Hilary saw some things she remembered from when she lived here for six months when she was in first grade.

Village Clerk Linda Oakley informed members of upcoming events: Friday, May 24-25, are Poppy Days; Saturday, May 25, is townwide rummage sales; Thursday May 30. is the Farmers Market kick-off with Strawberry shortcake, pork burgers meal sponsored by SCAN 4:30-6:30 p.m.; Sunday, June 2, is the Lions Club Chicken Fry at the park, starting at 4 p.m. She also said Ameren will be in town putting in new electric meters.

The next meeting of this Seasoned Citizens group will be May 29. The food theme will be Italian and John Hall will be bringing his Lamborghini to show. He will also talk about his other cars. Those 55 or older are welcome to attend.

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