The Shelbyville Agriculture Department has been selected as a recipient of $15,000. This money is part of a statewide grant program called Improving Agriculture Education programs offered through FCAE (Facilitating Coordinators of Ag Education). Agriculture programs were evaluated based upon their grant application. $10,000 comes from the Agriculture Education line item in the state of Illinois’ budget and $5,000 is matched by a community source. The Shelbyville Ag Department plans to purchase a new engine for our weigh wagon, a planter, and a disk for our Kenneth Diehl agriculture plots.

Shelbyville Agriculture Department plants and harvests a 19 acre plot each year. They plant corn and soybeans and conduct a variety of studies that provide vital data and statistics for area farmers. They are also known for having the second oldest continuous corn plot in the State of Illinois, second to the Morrow plots at the University of Illinois. The current equipment that is used in the plots was purchased in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The agriculture department is very excited to modernize their equipment and broaden their studies.

The Agriculture Department will host their annual plot tour on August 8, 2019 at 6 pm. The public is welcome to attend.

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