The annual combined Huffmaster/Spannagel reunion.

The annual combined Huffmaster/Spannagel reunion was held June 23 in the Strasburg Community Building with 34 people in attendance. Hosts for the day were Carol Salazar & Kenna & Dennis Wirth.

Those attending were: Roy, Mary, Cierra and Aubrey Reed; Pat Williams; Otto & Lisa Rincker; Greg & Michelle Spannagel; Ruth & Bob Kohnert; Dianna Gibson; Larry & Donna Schultz; Wilma Spannagel; Glen & Kim Webb; Barb, Dylan & Collin Ohnesorge; Nancy Slifer and Trenton Shuff; Andrea Spannagel; Steve and Dee Spannagel; Carol Salazar; Glen Spannagel; Chelsey & Mike Weber; Hunter Williams; Rick & Nancy Kohnert and Dennis & Kenna Wirth.

The 2020 reunion will be held the fourth Sunday in June at the Strasburg Community Building. Hosting this will be Kim Webb & Barb Ohnesorge.

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