The 97th annual Luck reunion was held on July 28 with 30 descendants of George and Magdalena Loose Luck in attendance at the Lions Club Building in Forest Park, Shelbyville.

Those attending from Shelbyville were: Donna Lupton, Lacey Kelp, Abby Kelp, Zach Frye, Rick & Melanie Clark, Steve & Tammy Kelp, Shirley Furr, Dee & Brittney Wicker, Bob & Martha Kensil, Dick & Bonnie Clark, Bennie Browning, Michael Freeman and Janine Furr.

Those attending from out of town were: Reiss Frye and Barbara Owens of Findlay; Ken & Marilyn Lupton of Springfield; Konnie Kensil also of Springfield; Chris, Monica & Sarah Wright of Rochester; Greg Lupton of Palmer; Rich Furr & Marjorie Harris of Champaign and Todd Furr of Chicago.

Next year’s reunion will be at the Lions Club Building at Forest Park on July 26, 2020

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