The right to self government is quickly eroding away, as demonstrated in the battle to protect marriage. In Massachusetts, a 4-3 decision by the state’s highest court quashed a state law that preserve marriage as a union of one man and one woman and created a new “right to marry” based on unnatural sexual behavior.

Can you believe that in Nebraska, a state constitutional marriage amendment that passed by 70 percent in November of 2000 was declared unconstitutional by a federal court; or that mayors in San Francisco and New Paltz, New York passed out “same sex marriage” licenses-violating the respective laws of their states?

Here in Illinois, House Speaker Michael Madigan has disregarded the people’s will by repeatedly blocking a popular Marriage Protection Amendment. If this amendment were ever allowed to come up for vote by entire General Assembly, ti would receive the needed three-fifths vote needed to pass a constitutional amendment.

Since this constitutional amendment has been blocked in Springfield, grassroots groups started a petition to drive to gather 283,111 signatures of registered voters to place an advisory referendum on the November ballot that calls on the General Assembly to pass a Marriage Protection Amendment. Thousands of concerned citizens are now circulating Protect Marriage Illinois petitions to get the necessary signatures.

Illinois citizens have the opportunity to assert their God-given right to take back their government and at the same time preserve marriage. To get involved, please visit or call 877-787-8011.

David E. Smith

Glen Ellyn, IL

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