For a sovereign state to control its borders, it must be able to enact sufficient penalties on those who enter illegally so as to deter a wholesale onslaught. And that onslaught has been so great in recent years that the governors of Arizona and New Mexico have actually declared states of emergency. Yet legislation has been introduced to Congress, with the support of the Bush administration, that would render control of illegal immigration futile. Because of growing concern by most Americans about the immigration problem, any move to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants would be political suicide.

Consequently such legislation has been introduced under deceptive names such as “temporary worker” or “guest worker” programs. It is important that each of us contacts his or her Senators and Congressman and demand that amnesty under any name be stopped. We must insist upon rejection of guest worker programs and total enforcement of our present immigration laws. Our future as a sovereign nation is at stake!

Gary Wheeler


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