My nephew was born Aug. 18, 2000. A great, terrific and loving little boy. I loved him a lot. It’s a tragedy that he passed away recently at the age of 5 from brain cancer. He died on January 18, 2006 at home. He will be greatly missed. And this is why I write this letter. His visitation was just this past Saturday. Their were 12 of us that walked in the door together that night. And as soon as we walked in the whispers started. That is so and so’s mom. She’s not supposed to be here. My mother was approached by two ladies telling her she could sign the registry and get a memorial program and she had to leave. I found this to be cruel. And the fact that nobody stood up to say anything to back her up, to let her stay to mourn her own grandson and support her son was cold. My mother didn’t go to start problems but that didn’t matter. She had to leave so we all walked out. In my 23 years of living I never head such stupid things I heard that night. Like the fact the funeral home is a public place. But once rented the person renting it could say who comes in. Which is a bunch of you know what. My mother is heart broken. This would be the last chance she had to say good-bye. And it goes right back to people being cold-hearted. Why can’t you let the biological grandmother stay? I walked in and there were people there that only seen my nephew once or twice and they got to stay. Just cause you have a problem, keep it to yourself. This is the last time you would ever have to come in contact with this family. My question to everyone out there who will read this: Why do people have to be cruel, ignorant and cold hearted? Don’t you think the nice thing to do would have been to just keep your mouth shut and let everyone say their good-byes. And to end I would like to thank those of you who came to support my brother. And now I would like to apologize to my nephew for all of us not staying.. We love you and we will truly miss you. You were a great kid. Please forgive us for not being able to stay. We hope you’re happy were you’re at.

Yours truly,

Heather Ford


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