The wheat yields averaged 87 bushels per acre on the Kenneth Diehl Ag Plots which was about 15 bushels per acre more than last year.

The wheat was harvested on July 3 with Terry Furr furnishing the combine.

There were four different wheat plots this year. The highest yield came from the Nitrogen Rate Demonstration plot of 109 bushels per acre.

The wheat variety plot contained seven different wheat varieties. The highest yielding variety was Pioneer 25R47 with a yield of 106 bushels per acre and a test weight of 59 pounds per bushel.

Other varieties included FS 8309 with a yield of 90 bushels per acre, FS 8302 with a yield of 90 bushels, Pioneer 25R49 with a yield of 93 bushels, Brown Arise X17 with a yield of 85 bushels, Taylor Agri-Pro with a yield of 79 bushels, and Kitchen 404 with a yield of 79.6 bushels.

Another demonstration was the nitrogren study. This plot was divided into two areas for this demonstration. One area received the conventional treatment of 100 pounds of actual nitrogen in the form of 28% of liquid nitrogen applied in March. The other area received a split nitrogen application of nitrogen - 67 pounds of liquid nitrogen units in March and 70 pounds of liquid nitrogen in April. The 100# nitrogen plot yielded 109 bushels per acre, while the split nitrogen application yielded 99 bushels per acre.

A new demonstration this year was the seed treatment study. This plot was divided into two areas for this demonstration. One area was seeded with treated seed and the other area seeded with nontreated seed. The treated seed plot yielded 77 bushels per acre, while the nontreated seed plot yielded 92 bushels per acre.

Basic fertility was the last wheat demonstration. Six different fertilities were used and each was divided into two different rates of nitrogen applications (no nitrogen and 80 pounds of actual nitrogen). The plots receiving 80 pounds of actual nitrogen yielded 78 bushels per acre and the no nitrogen plots averaged 63 bushels. The highest yielding fertitlity plot was the full treatment plot with nitrogen - 92 bushels per acre.

Full results of the wheat demonstration are available from John Rentfrow at Shelbyville High School during business hours. If you would like a copy mailed to you, call 774-3926 extension 298 and leave your name and address on the voice mail.

The Kenneth Diehl Ag Plots is a cooperative effort by the Shelbyville FFA and the Shelbyville High School Ag Department. The Kenneth Diehl Demonstation Plots, located just north of the high school, has been in operation since 1951.

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