The Daily Union would like to note that the transfers are published as they were received.

Warranty deed joint from Willis D. McElroy to Jean A. Nohren and Brad E. Nohren for property at 331 E. Chestnut, Cowden, $56,000.

Warranty deed joint from James W. Dial and Shirley Dial to James N. Dial and Nicole M. Dial for property at Sec 23-12-2 SW, $0.

Warranty deed joint from George W. Obernagel III, Allen Schutt, Peggy Schutt, Michael E. Larsen, and Jill M. Larsen to Thomas D. Smith, Bernadine B. Smith, and Sandra K. Smith Tarris for property at RR Shelbyville, $34,000.

Warranty deed from Sarah W. Bitzer to C. Dean Woods for property at 102 W. South Fifth St., Shelbyville, $73,000.

Warranty deed joint from Gene Forlines, Jon Bosomworth, Carl Simpson, Al Mahone, Locust Grove Church, and John R. Jordan to Delores A. Sloan and Ronnie F. Sloan for property at Sec 19-13-3 NW 1404-19-00-100-005, $4,438.24.

Warranty deed joint from Ronnie F. Sloan and Delores A. Sloan to Jacob W. Elder and Ronda A. Elder for property at Sec 19-13-3 NW 1404-19-00-100-005, $0.

Warranty deed from Nancy A. Stremming and Jerome M. Stremming to Crystal E. Stewart for property at 600 W. Franklin, Strasburg, $35,840.

Deed from Shawn L. Holland and Jeffrey K. Holland to James L. Harley for property at 703 Broadway, Windsor, $73,000.

Warranty deed from Terri S. Dove to Kristin L. Gaddis for property at 213 N. Will, Shelbyville, $50,000.

Administrator deed from Patricia Evans and Linda Shellenbarger to Homer James Barfield and Maria D. Barfield for property at 105 S. Second, Cowden, $6,000.

Quit claim deed from Robert T. Bendler and Sara E. Bendler to Robert T. Bendler and Sara E. Bendler.

Warranty deed from Matthew W. Romack and Michelle L. Romack to Charles D. Campbell and Tami M. Campbell for property at RR 1 Box 129, Stewardson, $40,000.

Warranty deed from Gladys I Dunaway and William K. Dunaway to Shelby Electric Cooperative for vacant property off Rt 16 West, Shelbyville, $5,000.

Warranty deed from Ernest C. Hardsaw to Bonnie G. Clark and Glenn R. Clark for property at 316 S. Vine, Shelbyville, $21,000.

Warranty deed from Cheryl A. Kensil and Mark L. Kensil to David Robison and Macheal Robison for property at 1500 N. Spruce, Shelbyville, $108,900.

Warranty deed from Kevin R. Sprague and Ann E. Sprague to Kaska Investment Corp. for property at Section 5-12-5 2409-05-00-400-004, $0.

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