Wine connoisseurs soon will be able to head home from restaurants with an unfinished bottle of their favorite vintage.

A new state law signed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Monday lets restaurant-goers recork and take home leftover wine as long as it is wrapped in a tamperproof bag.

Officials hope it will discourage diners from chugging that last glass of wine, then getting behind the wheel.

Some wine drinkers criticized the measure, though, saying it still might promote driving under the influence.

“Whether it’s corked or not, I am totally against it,” Michelle LeMothe, 46, of Lincoln, said while sipping a glass of chardonnay at a seafood restaurant in downtown Chicago. “I’m in the car with my kids (often) and I don’t want it out there.”

The change takes effect Jan. 1.

Illinois law currently bars people from having open liquor containers in vehicles. But the new law lets them drive with bottles that have been sealed in the specialty bags. That way, if police stop the driver, they’ll be able to see whether the wine has been illegally reopened.

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