Robert Ripley would say, Believe it or Not a Shelbyville couple are now listed in the Believe It or Not book and also the Guinness World Records.

Darrell and Lisa Best are the owners of the Best Wedding Chapel and the Best Man Mobile Wedding Chapel.  Their mobile wedding chapel is listed in the Guinness World Records book as the fastest wedding chapel and in Ripley’s Believe it or Not as a mobile wedding chapel.

Darrell Best said he is not sure how the “Believe It or Not” book received their information but the people at Guinness World Records found out about the mobile chapel and contacted them.

“They (Guinness) contacted us and said, ‘Hey, we need to see about getting you in our book’ so we talked with them about the different options we would have,” said Darrell Best.

Best went on to say the Guinness people said there was not currently a record for having the fastest wedding chapel.  He said Guinness specified that the wedding chapel had to have stained-glass windows, pews, a pulpit, a pipe organ, a 1,000 -watt stereo system and a three-tiered porch with wrought-iron hand railings which the Best Man has.

“They said it (mobile wedding chapel) has to have the physical attributes of an actual wedding chapel, which of course, it does.”

Best said the Best Man also had to be able to meet Guinness’ requirements to be officially certified.  Best asked Shelbyville Police Chief Dave Tallman and Shelbyville Police Officer Brad Getz to record the speed with a radar gun.  That test was made on Illinois Route 16 east of town.

“I clocked Darrell twice on radar doing 62 mph when he passed the sale barn,” said Tallman.  “I helped Darrell because I believe it is important to get the message about our city out to the public in  every way possible.”

Another requirement was a civilian observe the run and the Bests asked their friend Kathy Niksic to also observe the record setting.

The Bests have heard about television coverage from friends who have seen promotional advertisements on television on the east coast promoting the 2012 Guinness World Records.

“They are using our clip to help promote their new book,” said Lisa Best.  “We are one of their top ten feature stories that they are using to promote their book.”

By using the Best clip as a promo they will get a lot of television time in many different markets and should possibly bring some new business to our area.

You can catch the Best clip by going to You Tube and then type in Fastest Wedding Chapel.

The Bests and the mobile wedding chapel have been on television before.  One of their sons had secretly contacted the television show Trick My Truck and that show converted the Best’s 1940s fire truck into the mobile wedding chapel.

The Bests have been told that if you have the book 2012 Guinness World Records and go to page 183 where the Best article appears and then go to the Guinness website (www.guinness) and hold that page in front of a webcam other features of the story will appear that are not visible to the naked eye.

“There will be other videos and pictures hidden they call augmented reality,” continued Lisa Best.  “They say this feature will bring the story to life.”

The Bests are very proud to be in both books and also very pleased to put Shelbyville in the spotlight.

“Once again we got good old Shelbyville, Illinois mentioned in the book and we are trying to get folks to come to Shelbyville.”

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