Keeping your bones and joints healthy is an integral part of staying active throughout your life, whether you choose to play organized sports or just want to work in the garden.  The human body has more than 200 bones and more than 200 joints that connect the bones, and most people take them for granted until something goes wrong.  Joint damage can happen to any person at any age so all women should take advantage of September's Girls Night Out to find out how to keep bones and joints healthy.  The monthly Girls Night Out will take place from 5-7pm Tuesday, September, 27, at the Lake Shelbyville Visitor's Center, off Illinois Route 16, just east of the main dam.

Guest Speaker Dr. Kenneth Tuan, orthopaedic surgeon and specialist in treating shoulder and knee problems, will tell women in attendance the benefits realized from keeping your body, including your bones and joints, in good shape.  Dr. Tuan will primarily focus on the knee joint and discussing new therapies and procedures that can help ease knee pain.  Dr. Kenneth Tuan will be allotting time for a question and answer session at the end of his talk.

 Women will get an immediate chance to get active as a special bonus of Girls Night Out.  A Ranger from the Army Corps of Engineers will lead a group walk along the exercise trail at the Shelbyville Visitors Center, introducing the group to the stations along the trail during the hike.  The walk will be suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

Girls Night Out always features refreshments and gifts.  Everyone in attendance will have a chance to win a free bone density screening exam.  At every Girls Night Out event, screening mammograms are available with an advanced reservation. Girls Night Out is held the last Tuesday of every month from 5-7pm.

Call 217-774-3961, extension 5171 to find out more about Girls Night Out or to make a reservation for a screening mammogram.

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