(Red-letter portions of the New Testament)

Luke 14:33, “So therefore, any one of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple.”

Jesus comes off as harsh, but He is no different than others who believe in what they are doing. They want others, who join them, to be “all in,” like they are.

If Jesus is going to fully commit Himself to humbling Himself as a human, having no where to lay His head, forsaking all the blessings of family and children and grandchildren, and wealth; if He is going to give, give, give, to others, then be crucified to pay for their sins, why wouldn’t He want us to be “all in,” like He is?

Once, three would-be disciples said they would follow Him, but Jesus said, “I have nowhere to rest my head.” And the first one was gone. Another one wanted to wait for His father to die. And the second one was gone. Another had to first try out a set of oxen. The third one was gone. They were not “all in.”

A rich young ruler thought about following Jesus, but he had to sell everything and follow. He was not “all in” and he went away sad.

The pharisee Nicodemus, a religious leader, was curious about Jesus and met him. However, he did it privately, because he was afraid. Nicodemas was not “all in.”

Others in history have been “all in” with God. When the prophet Elisha threw his cloak over Elisha and said, “Follow me”, Elisha got up sacrificed the oxen he was plowing with and followed. He was “all in.”

When the disciples were told by Jesus to follow him, they immediately left their nets and followed. They were “all in.”

We may want validation from God, we may want to follow Jesus, but at what cost? Jesus says we must renounce all, ALL, that we have...be ready to cast it aside, if it holds us back from Him. We must be “all in.”

Is Jesus worth being “all in” or not? Belief that is not “all in,” is not the belief He is looking for. Pray that you are “all in” when it comes to Jesus and His kingdom.

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