Lake Land College announced that plans for fall 2021 are designed around students. The fall schedule, published last week, includes a mix of in-person, virtual and online courses. When building a schedule, students can select the format that best fits their personal preference.

“We are excited to plan for a more traditional mix of class offerings for the fall,” President Josh Bullock said. “We are grateful for the resiliency of our students, faculty and staff. We have learned a great deal in the past 12 months and will be holding on to things that are working well in the online environment to support students and their learning.

“We are hopeful that our nation will continue on a positive trajectory in mitigating COVID-19 and that employees and students will soon have the opportunity to receive a vaccination. We will remain flexible in planning, while closely following local, state and national guidelines.”

“The safety protocols Lake Land College established a year ago are working well, and the college plans to continue them into the summer and fall,” Bullock added. “Face masks, daily self-screenings and social distancing will continue to be required to maintain a safe learning environment.”

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