Lake Land College partnered with the online therapy platform BetterMynd to offer students access to online therapy sessions with a diverse network of licensed mental health counselors.

Through the partnership, each Lake Land College student can access up to six free online therapy sessions each year on the BetterMynd platform. These live video sessions are private, confidential, and can take place from the convenience of a laptop or smartphone.

“BetterMynd’s mission is to make mental health resources more easily accessible for college students everywhere,” Director of Career Services Tina Moore said. “Counseling is an opportunity to work through challenges and issues in life. With this platform, students have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain.”

After the first six free sessions, students have the option to continue with the same therapist by either paying out of pocket or via insurance.

“Fifty percent of college students report having mental health concerns, and 30 percent of those students say it impacts their schooling,” Academic Counselor and Coordinator for Student Accommodations Andy Gaines said. “The great thing about BetterMynd is that it’s easy for the students to log in, connect with a counselor of their choice and get the support that they need.”

Students must register with their Lake Land College email address to utilize BetterMynd mental health support and counseling services. Registration generates a BetterMynd portal where students can access services and information. After the initial registration, students will be able to log in to their BetterMynd portal directly from the BetterMynd site.

“We know that 40 percent of those struggling with mental health issues will not reach out to get assistance,” Gaines said. “We hope that making this easily accessible to our students will increase the number of students willing to seek assistance.”

For more information about BetterMynd and the other mental health resources Lake Land College has available, visit

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