The Shelby County Board  moved funds to help the county highway department maintain county roads during its regular monthly meeting.

The finance committee chairman Rob Amling noted that the litigation fund had not been used in a long time and proposed the funds be used elsewhere.

“It’s a dead account,” Amling said.

County Treasurer Deb Page told the board that the litigation fund is used to hold money collected for taxes paid under protest. The money remains there until any legal matters are settled. Currently there is $71,000 in the fund.

Proposals included paying the county portion of the back taxes on Eagle Creek up to $25,000 and to move $40,000 to the highway department to oil roads yet this year.

The Board gave approval to CEFS Transportation Director Kristie Warfel to propose that Effingham County be included in the CEFS Public Transit area.

“The multicounty operations doesn’t help Shelby County a whole lot but it helps Central Illinois Public Transit and helps increase what we can do with the Illinois Department of Transportation and increases intercounty ridership,” Warfel said. “It can only be a benefit to residents of Shelby County by giving them a larger service area,”

Alan Spesard, county highway engineer, reported that the department has attained a grant to replace signs across the county and that bid letting is scheduled for October 6.

He also reported that the bridges in Dry Point Township and Oconee Township are open to traffic, two railroad crossings in Okaw Township are open to traffic, work on the bridge in Cold Spring Township has been started, and that bridgework in Big Spring Township is expected to start the week of September 26.

Spesard reported that he checked on the rough spots noted on the Moweaqua road and that the seal coating is wearing out.

“We currently have funds to seal coat 20 to 30 miles of the 160 miles of roads in the county,” Spesard said. “We have to prioritize things.”

Spesard presented requests to replace a pipe culvert in Ash Grove Township east of Windsor at a cost of $4500 with the cost to be split 50/50 between the county and the township. He also presented a request to replace pipe culvert in Windsor Township at a cost of $5000 to be split 50/50 between the township and the county.

Both requests were approved.

Shelby County Health Director Steve Melega reported that the private sewage septic code presently remains unchanged as JCAR has let the time for regulation change lapse.

“Shelby County presented resolutions to oppose changes to the codes, but the tiem for setting the rules has lapsed. So for now it’s business as usual,” Melega said.

The fees and salary committee was directed to define payments for committee meetings and mileage - whether payments be made per meeting or per diem. Discussing will continue at the next meeting.

The Board approved the budget for fiscal year 2011-2012 although negotions are still in progress with the police and county Workers unions.

The Board also approved levies for fiscal year 2011-2012.

Ten liquor licenses were approved for reissuance.

 The liquor license for Angler Bait Shop was voided.

Board Chairman Bruce Cannon presented the appointments of Mose, Yockey, Brown, and Kull as county auditors for the next year and Lanz Berry Union for drainage district in Pickaway and Todds Point townships.

Brad Hudson was introduced as the new animal control officer, replacing retiring officer George Donnel. Hudson began September 1.

“So far it’s been very interesting. I’ve got a lot to learn,” Hudson said.

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