SHELBYVILLE, IL:  February is National “Go Red for Women” Month which pays tribute to women's heart health. Women are naturally wonderful caregivers as daughters, wives, and mothers; however, ladies often neglect their own care. In the sprit of Go Red for Women, this month Shelby Memorial Hospital's (SMH) Girls Night Out will focus on cardiac care for the ladies in our community. Girls Night Out will be held on Tuesday, February 28th from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at Shelbyville's Visitor's Center, off of Route 16, just east of the main dam. All women in the community are invited.

Those in attendance will receive a free blood pressure check at the door and a certificate redeemable for one free cholesterol panel screening at SMH. We will also feature a free wine tasting because a glass of red wine in moderation is very heart healthy. You may enjoy a healthy snack and have a chance to win a wonderful door prize including a bottle of red wine and a CT Heart Score at SMH. A CT Heart Score helps doctors evaluate the amount of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries through a non-evasive procedure.

Guest speaker Mariann Denby, RN and STAT Heart Program Manager at Prairie Heart Institute, will speak about the “STAT Heart Program”. Denby will speak about the warning signs and symptoms of heart disease in women. She will explain facts women need to know about heart attacks, what to do until help arrives, available resources in our community, and keys to surviving a cardiac event.

Another featured speaker at Girls Night Out will be Sheli Evans, RN and Manager of the Emergency Room, Shelby Memorial Hospital. Evans has witnessed first hand as SMH continues to advance their commitment to the latest in heart arrack response care for the community, including their current partnership in the STAT Heart Program. Evans will talk about what a difference the STAT Heart Program has made to SMH's approach to a cardiac emergency.

According to American artist and poet Robert Tizon, “I would rather have eyes that cannot see; ears that cannot hear; lips that cannot speak, than a heart that cannot love.” Ladies, care about yourselves enough to come to Girls Night Out and perhaps SMH will help you find ways to keep your heart beating for those you love.

As always mammograms are available during Girls Night Out at SMH with advanced registration. For more information on Girls Night Out, or to schedule a mammogram please visit or call Shelby Memorial Hospital at 217-774-3961, ext. 5130.

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