Pastor Wade Helmkamp spoke about the Ministerial Association at last Thursday’s Interagency Luncheon.

Helmkamp explained that the Ministerial Association is made up of the ministers who serve in Shelbyville who meet the second Thursday of each month at 10:30 a.m. at area churches.

The Ministerial Association provides a variety of services to the community, such as supporting and praying with each other, helping transients with gas, food and lodging and working with C.E.F.S. on various different projects.

“We see ourselves as a service group,” Helmkamp said. “We work the closest with C.E.F.S.”

The Ministerial Association works with C.E.F.S. with projects such as Back Packs for Kids and Coats for Kids.

“The greatest need in our community is entry level housing,” Helmkamp explained. “There’s just not enough of it here.”

The Ministerial Association also works in supporting the Fellowship of Christian Students at Shelbyville High School, while also making the association available to the schools, for instance, if crisis counseling was needed.

Several community services are planned through the Ministerial Association, such as the Thanksgiving service, Good Friday service and the Baccalaureate at Shelbyville High School. Helmkamp noted that the ministers are not involved with the Baccalaureate service due to the separation of church and state. This service is lead and organized by the students.

Helmkamp encouraged the service agencies present at the luncheon to consider being a speaker at the Ministerial Association’s meetings.

“People often come to us for help, and we point them to you,” Helmkamp said.

Interagency President Cheryl Faulkner reminded the agencies present that their agency directory pages are needed to complete the directory.

“Our goal is to have 100 pages,” she said.

She encouraged those present to talk with other agencies that they may work with and talk to them about putting pages in the directory.

“Even if they’re not going to actively come to the meetings, we would like to have pages about the,” Faulkner said.

Referral listings are also due at the January meeting.

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